Sunknowledge Services Inc: a Complete Physician Prior Authorization Destination

physician prior authorization

With the increasing prior authorization complications and today’s high deductible insurance policies, the process of physician prior authorization is becoming a challenging affair for most of the physicians and healthcare practices.  Starting from identifying patient responsibility upfront to ensure proper eligibility and benefit verification; errors in the prior authorization process leave the physician and the healthcare practice with countless problems like delayed payments, reworks, decreased patient satisfaction, increased errors, and nonpayment etc. Thisis why it is very essential to have an experienced team of authorization experts who not only have a complete process knowledge but are also aware of the present billing mandates and changing prior authorization requirements.

Why Sunknowledge Services Inc is perfect for your physician prior authorization complication:

With a decade of experience working as one of the leading RCM solution, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is the part of providers across a wide range of specialties. The best part of working with Sunknowledge experts for your physicians prior authorization problems is that it offers brilliant resources and cutting edge processes providing real time automation and with 100 % prior authorization submission on the same day.

With seamless billing operation, our experts further increases your authorization rate by 1.5 – 2x. Ensuring 3 prior auth in an hour with 99 percent of approval rate, we additional helps in reducing the overall operational cost along with a faster reimbursement rate. Taking care of your complete physicians prior authorization responsibility, we cover it all starting from

  • assembling of all the vital information from patient, provider as well as order information
  • Check the required patient’s eligibility
  • Communicate and validate prior auth request with the payers
  • Initiate PA requests as per the payer protocols
  • Follow-up with payer for checking the auth status
  • Follow-up with ordering physician for the additional documents as requested by the payer
  • Provide the additional information as requested by the payer
  • Update the auth outcome in the billing system

So, if you are looking for a complete physician prior authorization destination, we are the perfect prior authorization team with good communication and proper knowledge working every day on improving your authorization process.

Working for many leading names in the industry, we today are a proud operational extension of many leading names in the industry with the highest productivity standards and excellent client references.