Why do they wear masks at raves?


Clothing is a captivating part of one’s looks. The looks majorly depend on how one is dressed and what is he wearing. Earlier clothing was just a means to cover the body but its significance has changed over time. The clothes now express one’s personality, status, and occupation. The clothes make one look more presentable and provide comfort and protection. Also, they vary according to different occasions and purposes for which they will be worn. 

There are categories of clothes for different purposes such as there is party wear, sportswear, office wear, casual wear, and many more. There is a lot of variety in clothing from tops to bottoms. The tops come in a different range such as tank tops, crop tops, tube tops,rave clothesblouse tops, bodysuits, cami tops, off-shoulder tops, and many more uncountable styles. The same is with bottoms, dresses, and other styles that are there in the clothing range.

Most of us know about the clothing styles and here is a guide that will tell why we wear clothes:

  • Provides protection 

The clothes help a person getting safety from heat, cold, rain, wind, and other extreme conditions. The clothing protects the skin and the body, as it is delicate and needs to be protected from such harsh conditions. Neither too cold nor too hot is good for the skin. The clothing acts as a layer between the atmosphere and the skin and protects it. People usually wear fur clothes in heavy winters to get protection against cold.

  • Uniforms

The uniforms are specific clothes of some designated organizations. One can be easily identified as a part of the organization if wearing the uniform. For example, students wearing school uniforms can be identified easily that they are students. 

  • Provides safety

There are specific kinds of clothes that provide safety to users. People like firefighters wear special kinds of clothes to get protection against fire. Some jobs can be risky and hence needs special kind of clothing. 

  • Gives different looks

The clothing allows one to have different looks. One can have different looks with different styles and colors of clothes. The clothes come in so many colors and patterns that one can create an uncountable number of looks with them. Also, some unwritten rules in society are set. They state that what one should wear on each kind of occasion.

  • Represents status symbol

The clothes help in identifying the status of the people. For instance, professional people usually wear a coat and suits. The people belonging to high society usually wear designer clothes at high prices with designer jewelry that make them different from others.

  • Helps in identification

The clothing helps in identifying certain kinds of people. For example, someone wearing a bright color can be identified differently in a crowd. People can be identified based on their clothes to where they belong and what do they do.

Hence, clothing plays a major role in society and helps people in looking different from others.