Which Tourists Need An International Driving Permit To Drive In the UK? 

International Driving Permit

While visiting the UK as a tourist, many people like to visit the whole country by car or other vehicle. In this case, do you need or not an international driving license? 

The e-idp.co.uk helps you to gain knowledge about international driving permits. Tourists who want to travel or drive a vehicle in a foreign country will be required to have an international driving permit. 

What do you mean by IDP?

The IDP international driving permit is considered the official document that provides the multi-language translation of a valid driving license. If an international driving license is required in the country where you drive, you are required to carry a passport and a valid local driving license also, or else you are fined.

Keep in your mind that the international driving license is not a driving license. It refers to the translation of the license. You do not require to give the driving test to get IDP. In main cases, you will only be required to apply for IDP online in your residence country. All tourists will require the IDP in the UK. 

Who required the IDP to drive in the UK?

The people who require an international driving permit to drive a vehicle in the UK are divided into two categories, 

  1. EU tourists

The driving authority of the UK state that tourists from EU and EEA countries do not require to have an International driving license and continue to drive by the license issued in their home country. If you have been driving in EU countries for more than 6 months, then you first need to exchange your driving permit in a language version that the officials understand. 

  1. Non-EU tourists 

If you travel to the UK from non-EU countries, then you need to apply for an international driving permit online in Uk. In this case, you should have the IDP in a specific language that is understood by officials. 

Also, if you are travelling from English-speaking countries, like Australia, Malaysia, Canada, etc., then also you need to apply for IDP before visit

ing the UK.

Are UK tourists required to have an international driving permit

According to the current stats, the UK left the EU countries category, so many people are confused about whether they need the IDP to drive in the UK or not. According to the official e-idp.co.uk website, tourists do not require the IDP to drive in Uk as long as they drive for more than 6 months. 

Different types of IDPs are available. 

At e-idp.co.uk, there are three different types of international driving permits available. You can easily apply for IDP online at the official website for the following types. 

  • IDP 1926

The IDP 1926 is not required as a necessary document in the EU state. It is valid for 1 year as per the e-idp.co.uk

  • IDP 1949

The IDP 1949 may need if you are travelling to the UK with your passport and driving license. The validity of IDP 1949 is for the 3 years.

  • IDP 1968

 If you plan to travel to other EU states, including Canada, Australia, Malaysia, etc. or want to drive there, then it is suggested to apply for IDP 1968 as its validity remains for 5 years. 

How much the international driving license cost

Tourists in the UK will be able to apply for the three types of IDP, IDP 1926, IDP 1949, and IDP 1968. The different types of IDP differ in cost. Here are the price details of all different types of IDP, according to e-idp.co.uk

  • 1-year IDP, IDP 1926 at 25 pounds
  • 3-year IDP, IDP 1949 at 35 pounds
  • 5-year IDP, IDP 1968 at 45 pounds 

The IDP 1926 is valid for 1 year in the UK, whereas the IDP 1949 is valid for 3 years in the UK. And the IDP 1968 are valid for 5 years in the UK. 

Recognition of international driving license

If you apply for an international driving permit from e-idp.co.uk, then this document is recognized worldwide. It means you are allowed to travel to a number of foreign countries if you have a valid IDP. 

The best thing is that the international driving permit online Uk are works in such a situation where the local driving license is not valid. Because of the great recognition of international driving licenses, it does not only allow the person to drive in a single country but in more than 150 foreign countries.

Another best thing related to IDP recognition is that it is also recognized by rental companies. You can easily rent a car in foreign countries if you have a valid IDP. It also works like a language translator because it translates the language of a driving license and solves the problem of language barriers. All the different types of IDP, either for 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years come with the same recognition and work beneficially for people who own it.