Publishing a book isn’t a walk in the park, it is difficult and the process is very time-consuming and takes a lot of effort, but in the end, an author will be over the moon if their book gets published. But after e-books came the authors now don’t need to specifically go through the process and fulfill the publishing requirements going through everything, or even hiring an agent to get their books published. Book publishing services on the internet are now the most used by authors and they self-publish their books if they don’t get the opportunity from the big publishing companies.


E-book publishing is now trending and authors are self-publishing on these platforms, without getting to go through every procedure and delayed responses of the requested publishing companies, because every writer wants their work to be famous and well-known that’s why they select big publishing houses to launch their books, nut because they are such big companies millions of requests might be in their way to read every author work.

This is all in the past now e-book platforms are bringing publishing to author’s fingertips and making it much easier and more convenient that they can publish their work as soon as they want but they should know that there are publishing processes of online publishing as well although not as hard as the traditional ones but there are some to follow, there are royalties, and exposure you should be aware of.

The following are the 10 best free e-book platforms for digital publishing:


This online publishing platform qualifies among the best book-publishing companies. Zen Book also provide economical packages that will be easily afforded by the authors. They not only bring publishing services but also other incredible services like ghostwriting, professional writers, and content writers who will bring out your imagination better than you could think.

They will work for you at any time and anywhere, and according to your demands and through your mind, if you are having trouble getting to write or publish your book zenbookwriting.com can work as a general doctor for you which will put you on the road of success from the scratch and will work in your benefit in becoming the best author or writer.


It is a self-publishing platform that allows authors to publish and sell e-books and print-on-demand books on Amazon.com and its international websites. With its simple publishing tools, worldwide distribution, competitive royalties, and marketing capabilities, KDP enables writers to self-publish and reach a big audience without the need for a formal publisher.


It has since grown into one of the most popular e-bookstores in the world.

Apple iBooks Store is a great place for authors who want to publish and sell eBooks and audiobooks. With easy publishing, global distribution, competitive pricing, and marketing capabilities, the iBooks Store allows authors to publish their work and reach visitors from Apple’s famous iBooks app.


Google Play Books gives authors the ability to reach a wider audience and increase writing success with its easy publishing process, global distribution, real estate payments, support tools, reader integration, Google integration, and mobile apps. It is a great tool for authors looking to publish and promote eBooks.


It has become one of the most popular eBooks in the world.

Smashwords is the best platform for on-demand authors looking for self-publishing e-books. With its easy publishing tools, global distribution, competitive pricing, marketing tools, and active authors, Smashwords enables authors to publish their work on various eBook platforms and reach large audiences.


Included in Barnes & Noble’s array of resources for writers are options such as marketing tools, in-person book signings, guidance on traditional publishing, events featuring authors, digital publication, and the ability to self-publish through print-on-demand. These services enable writers to showcase their work within the highly-regarded Barnes & Noble retail environment, as well as maintain a direct relationship with their audience. Covering a significant place in the retail bookstore space, Barnes & Noble is a venerable giant in the industry.

7.      KOBO:

Want to self-publish your work and connect with a global audience? Kobo Writing Life has got you covered. With an active author community, a personal author relations team, intuitive publishing tools, robust sales reporting, and effective promotional tools, Kobo Writing Life has everything you need to thrive in the eBook industry.


For writers looking to make a mark in the world of self-publishing, Draft2Digital is a top-tier platform. It allows authors to publish eBooks, print-on-demand tomes, and audiobooks with ease, thanks to its powerful, user-friendly publishing tools. Furthermore, this platform offers widespread distribution, robust sales analytics, promotional resources, and exceptional customer service. For audiobook production, Draft2Digital has teamed up with Findaway Voices to create a seamless experience that authors find invaluable.

9.      LULU:

Lulu is a fantastic platform for self-publishing eBooks, print-on-demand books, calendars, and photo albums. This company offers writers the ability to publish their books and flourish in the self-publishing industry with its simple publishing tools, global distribution, extensive sales reporting, promotional tools, personal assistance, and extra services like bespoke calendars and picture books.


Wattpad is a free social storytelling website where writers may showcase their original content and readers can discover and read it. It offers a variety of services to authors. Wattpad is a fantastic platform for writers wishing to reach a worldwide audience with their work. Wattpad offers writers the ability to connect with readers all over the world and establish a successful writing career with its free publication model, active reader community, discovery and distribution tools, income possibilities, writing resources, and mobile app.


The good news is that now writers don’t have to struggle to get their work published because the evolution and revolution of this world are making everything easier and more convenient for everyone, so why not the writers? The world is rapidly getting turned into a digital world where everything is being done digitally without any kind of difficulties, getting done with the work within minutes with the services that the digital world is providing us in this modern age.