Top Tips for Enjoying Family Travel This Year


With many family vacations being put on hold in 2020, a lot of families have found themselves desperate to go on vacation in 2021. However, due to restrictions or the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, you may be concerned that any family trip that you go on this year will not be enjoyable. Then, to make sure that you can enjoy a memorable vacation in 2021, read on.

1.   Stay in The USA

Although you might be desperate to go abroad this year, for the ultimate peace of mind, you should consider vacationing within the USA or even within your home state. Not only can this allow you to avoid late cancellations due to restrictions or renewed flare-ups of coronavirus, but it means that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about the restrictions of another country. Additionally, family travel within the USA is easier than taking your kids abroad, as this will prevent you from having to think about organizing your kids’ passports or navigating the airport.

2.   Choose a Family-Friendly Destination

Whether you have decided to stay in the USA or head abroad, it is important that you choose a family-friendly destination for your vacation. With your kids being stuck within their home town for many months on end, they may be desperate to enjoy the magic of one of their bucket list destinations, and, since this is your first vacation since the start of the pandemic, you should look for a destination that makes traveling worth it for everyone. Then, you should encourage your kids to get involved in the planning process and to write down what their dream vacation would be. Not only this, but the pandemic has shown just how quickly travel becomes impossible, and this means that there is no time like the present to travel to your must-see destinations as a family.

3.   Get the Right Accommodation

Once you have chosen your destination, you then need to consider booking accommodation that suits the needs of you and your family. For total relaxation this year, you should consider hiring out a luxury vacation rental such as Villatel’s Reunion resort in Orlando. This will help you to escape from the stresses of the last 12 months. Not only this, but vacation rentals will ensure that you can minimize your interaction with other vacation-goers when you are away and reduce the risk of travel to your family.

4.   Splash Out

Due to not spending out much throughout the entirety of last year or due to having other vacations canceled, many families now have more money to spare when it comes to going on vacation this year. Then, you should consider splashing out on your vacation while you have the chance, such as booking first-class flights, going on expensive tours, and eating out at some of the best restaurants in the area. This can allow your family to enjoy the high life together for a few days before returning to reality.