Why Men Date Escorts When They Are In Singapore For Business


Being one of the most business centric and tourism dependent countries in the world, Singapore attracts many executives travelling to Singapore for work and business every single year. When they are in Singapore for a short business trip, they may look for companionship. However, since they are only in SG for a few days, going to the bar or clubs or even the streets to pick up girls may not be that feasible. Besides, they already have busy schedules themselves and barely have any free time to socialize while in Singapore. Additionally, these highly successful men are almost always intelligent, and they want the companionship of a woman whose looks are pretty, but with whom they can communicate well with as well. In other words, they do not just want a hot but non-eloquent lady – they want a woman and a female escort companion who can hold her own intellectually as well. Therefore, some of these men look for escort girls.

However, since many of these travelling businessmen to Singapore are often successful entrepreneurs or highly accomplished executives, they want to protect their reputation and make sure they are engaging the services of an agency in a legal manner as well as getting good quality service. Booking from legitimate agencies is important if they want good service from the call girl as well as ensuring that they are engaging in legal business.

Additionally, because Singapore is one of the few countries in Asia which is English speaking as the main language, these travelling men prefer meeting the local call girls when in Singapore as most of them are well educated, pretty as well as speak English well. This way, they can avoid any kinds of communication barriers. As a result, some of the very best escort agencies in Singapore like SG VIP Escorts even states that they specifically offer only local Singaporean women when it comes to the escort call girls that they provide customers for dating. Bookings for these escorts is very popular in Singapore, so as recommended here, make arrangements for escorts as early as possible and in advance.

As you can tell from the above, men look for escort girls while they are in SG for business for namely two reasons.

First of all, Singapore as a country happens to attract one of the largest percentages of travelling expats to South East Asia – and hence naturally if these people were to look for escorts to date, they would do so while in Singapore. Second of all, the entire country is English speaking, and some of the locals can even speak Mandarin or Tamil as well – it is a heavily multiracial country. It is one of the few countries in Asia where there are minimal communication barriers for visitors or tourists regardless of where the visitors or tourists are from.