Tips for Installing a Sliding Patio Door

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If you want to fill your house or outdoor office with sunlight, installing a sliding patio door is an excellent way to go about it. A patio door helps bring the outside in and gives your house a very nice vibe. If you want to install a patio door yourself, know that it’s a bit of a fiddly job but is definitely achievable, especially if you are a DIY person and know how to handle such tasks. If you want to install internal sliding doors, you will have some room for error because it won’t impact your home’s security much; however, when it comes to external patio doors, you will have to be very careful as it can result in a break-in or something worse. Here are some tips for installing a sliding patio door. So, let us have a look. 

Measure the Size Properly before Buying the New door

Sliding patio doors look exceptionally beautiful, but what if they don’t fit in the designated area? Therefore, door services near Marrero suggest their clients measure the opening size required before buying the new door. This will guarantee that the door bought will fit in the opening properly. You can create holes to measure the accurate distance while choosing a door. However, if the hole already exists, you can use a measuring tape to measure the width of the hole properly. Make sure you are measuring this distance from the stud to the stud. Some other tips to follow are:

  • While measuring all the dimensions of the door opening, you can write these dimensions down so that you can easily recall them while shopping for a door.
  • Be sure to remove the added boards that may have been installed to hold the old patio doors.

Clean the Space Completely

Before you proceed toward installing a new door, ensure you have thoroughly cleaned the available space by removing every part of the old door. You will still see screws in place which will be holding the door rollers. Make sure to remove the existing sliding panel and also remove the old brackets that will be present on any side of the fixed plate. Remove the door by sliding it down to the middle of the frame and then by lifting it. If the door has a nail edge, remove part of the outer wall to expose it. Unscrew the door and remove it from the frame.

Make Sure the Spacing is Correct

No matter if you remove the old doors or are creating the space for a new one, the area will be full of nails, screws, and dirt. You will have to clean the area and remove all the leftover debris properly to avoid injuries. Another important aspect of a patio door installation is checking if the door’s alignment is correct. If the hole size is incorrect, it may need to be adjusted. You can use a leveling device to check if the door’s length, width, and height are aligned. If nothing is aligned, an adjustment board made of thin wood can be used to align the door frame. You can hire door services in Harvey, LA, for the correct installation and alignment of the doors. 

Ensure Proper Waterproofing of the Door

Before installing the door, the door services near Marrero suggest adding trim to protect against water damage. Flashing is generally termed waterproof tape that protects the door frame and bottom edges of sliding glass doors against water damage and prevents water from penetrating the door edges. To ensure that your door is waterproof, you can follow these tips.

  • For new nail edge doors, remove enough of the outer vinyl covering around the opening. Remove any debris present around the door. 
  • Make sure that your door is securely fastened.  
  • Apply the flexible waterproofing material to sills and each jamb 6 inches up. Cover the exterior wall present under the sill with capping or construction paper.
  • Trim-flared corners of flashing for easier folding. Make sure that the entire door sill is covered with waterproofing. 
  • Apply waterproofing material on the surfaces which are present on both the interior and exterior sides of the door opening.

Remove the Door’s Protective Cover after Sealing

You must also use waterproofing sealant along the sides of the frames to prevent any water from sneaking into the door’s panels. Double-check for holes, cracks, or other gaps to ensure they are properly sealed. Once the waterproofing gets dry, you can install the new door. However, before that, you must remove any protective layer or tape used to secure the door panels or frame. 

Installation of Patio doors

Installation of the patio door isn’t easy. Therefore, door services in Harvey, LA, are always recommended. Some tips for door installation are:

  • Apply a fine amount of sealant over the ridge and around the hole where the nail edge presses against the pad. 
  • Lower the door panel on the threshold from the exterior, then tilt it in the opening to firmly press the nails into the body. However, if your door is leafless, make sure that the frame’s outer edge is flushed with the nailed vinyl siding.
  • Insert wooden shims to hold the door steadily in place and check if it is leveled or not. 

Sliding doors look good and are a great option for tight spaces that don’t have much room for opening and closing doors. Follow the tips shared above to install sliding patio doors in the best possible way and give your house a nice and modern touch.