Evaluating the differences between the USA made PVC panels and FRP


If you are looking for strong, durable, and waterproof wall panels for high-traffic and wet commercial facilities, tear down the dated fiberglass and install the USA-made PVC panels. The FRP (Fiberglas Reinforced Plastic) is not an ideal wall material as they peel, break, fall off, degrade, rot and mold. Rather than relying on weak and temporary wall coverings, buy PVC panels online. The reputed panel manufacturers at Duramax offer high-grade vinyl wall materials at factory-direct rates, shipped within 2 weeks. The vinyl panels are at a competitive price and designed to last. If you want a sturdy wall covering that’s easy to maintain, lasts longer, and is simpler to install with numerous other advantages, PVC scores over FRP in more ways than one.

PVC is lightweight and easier to handle and install 

The high-grade USA made PVC panels are lightweight wall materials that offer a quick installation. The PVC panels are easy to handle, cut, and install than FRP. The vinyl panels have studs that attach directly to the walls and ceilings with the aid of hidden fasteners. The vinyl wall panels require no backer board, rivets, or any additional materials for the installation. The DIY vinyl panel installation requires only one laborer for the job. It takes 7 to 8 hours for one person to install PVC panels, whereas 2 people can speed up the installation process and complete the work in less than 3 hours.

On the other hand, FRP wall panels require 2 days the installation, and 2 skilled laborers are hired for the job. In addition, the FRP installation is laborious as you require additional materials for the setup. Adhesives, rivets, panel trimming, and OSB backers are paramount for installing FRP panels. Rather than investing time, money, and effort in installing FRP, consider Duramax PVC Panels. You can save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor expenses while installing PVC over FRP.

PVC panels are strong and built to last 

If you are looking for durable wall material, buy PVC panels online and discard FRP. The vinyl wall material is designed to last for at least 100 years. Ideally, the PVC material lasts 50 years post-installation, but the longevity can stretch for over a century with proper care. The PVC wall panels have a lifecycle of 140 years and can easily get recycled 7x times. The recyclable PVC wall panels have ½ inch thickness and are resistant to high blows, abuses, and impacts. In addition, the vinyl panels have a unique inner trusscore design that gives exceptional material sturdiness to last for years without scuffs and dents.

On the other hand, FRP panels break, fall off, delaminate, degrade and rot within a few months. The FRP wall materials are thin and fragile. The FRP panels hardly last for 25 years, after which a replacement is necessary. Since the FRP panels are not recyclable, the replacements are extremely expensive. Rather than fiberglass, PVC wall panels serve longer and have unparalleled durability.

The undisputed durability of Duramax PVC Panels makes them better than FRP 

PVC lasts 4x times longer than FRP wall panels. The high-quality vinyl wall material is water resistant and does not mold, rot, absorb moisture, peel, or delaminate. If you find the Duramax PVC Panels with the vices and cons of FRP, the manufacturers would immediately replace the wall material and cover up the labor charges. The Duramax PVC Panels have a $25,000 money-back guarantee and arrive in DIY kits with a limited lifetime warranty certification. The PVC wall panels are ideal for high-stress and high-moisture environments like grow rooms, Laundromats, marinas, shipping containers, dairy farms, riding stables, emergency shelters, breweries, food facilities, and so on.

PVC panels are low maintenance 

Lastly, the vinyl panels are easy to clean and maintain. The PVC panels are resistant to fading and staining and don’t get discolored or turn yellowish. The vinyl wall panels are easily cleanable with a damp mop or can be washed with a pressure washer to maintain the pristine white appeal. The low upkeep makes the white PVC panels a cost-effective and sustainable choice in the long run. On the other hand, FRP wall panels require professional heavy-duty maintenance and intensive care. The FRP material stains as the rough texture easily attract debris and dirt, causing the panel to fade and get discolored. The FRP panels require repeated repainting every few years to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Consider switching from the dull FRP panels to the bright and white PVC wallboard. Request a quote now. Call us at 323-991-7507 for a free consultation.