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The electronic cigarette, the vapote, the e-cigarette, you know it by several names. It is who makes you experience exquisite sensations which allow you to inhale a fragrant vapor of delicious flavors. It is still this which embellishes all your vaping breaks. For vapes by Breazy this is the best choice.

But, in concrete terms, what is an electronic cigarette?

Find out absolutely everything there is to know about your vaping. Maximize your vaping pleasure and know a little more about this device that accompanies all your tastiest moments.

Knowledge is power: take control of your senses. The fun is just one puff

The electronic cigarette is a device that produces vapor. It has the shape of a tube or a rectangular box. It is fully electronic and uses electricity to operate.

It therefore generates vapor, which distinguishes it from conventional tobacco cigarettes. In other words, an e-cigarette is a kind of augmented cigarette, 2.0, which is less harmful and tastier.

The electronic cigarette allows you to choose what you want to inhale, such as the taste of your vapor. It is more or less powerful depending on the type of device you choose.

It is made up of at least three elements that make up the strength and originality of your machine. Some manufacturers even endow it with modes that allow you to customize it as much as possible. The users of electronic cigarettes are called vapers.

What is an electronic cigarette used for?

The electronic cigarette is used for “vaping”.  Vaping refers to vapor, its fundamental principle. Indeed, it produces, by a heating reaction, an aerosol that you inhale via the drip tip (the mouthpiece).

Steam looks like smoke, but it isn’t. It can be flavored according to the e-liquids you choose.

The liquid for electronic cigarette are present in vials that contain all the necessary ingredients for the production of steam. They are scented with food aromas that ensure all its flavor. A real treat !

In addition, you have the choice. Whether it’s a gourmet, fruity flavor e-liquid or a very fresh liquid, you can treat yourself to a real feast while steaming.

The role of the electronic cigarette is to heat this liquid present in the tank of your clearomizer. This turns into vapor, which you then inhale. In just a few seconds, you are vaping with your ecig delicious clouds that exude your favorite scents!

The different names of the electronic cigarette

  • Ecig
  • E-cigarette
  • Vapot
  • Vaporette
  • Vapoteuse
  • Personal vaporizer

How does the electronic cigarette work?

On your electronic cigarette, you have a button called “Fire”, “firing” button or even “switch” button. It can take different forms, such as that of a trigger for example. When you activate it, you send an electric shock through your device. This reaches the resistance, a metal part placed in the heart of your clearomizer. It is connected to your e-liquid via a cotton wick.


The electricity generated therefore reaches the resistance made up of one or more resistive wires. These heat up and by a conductive effect also heat the liquid. The vaporization operates! The energy necessary for this kind of transformation is present in the battery of your electronic cigarette.