Comparative review of Uwell Crown and Uwell Caliburn


Uwell Crown and Uwell Caliburn – Which Pod do you choose?

Evaluate a comparison of the new Uwell Crown and Uwell Caliburn Pods, which pod is best for you, let’s take a look at the following features:


The design cult of Uwell Caliburn has not been debated since its launch in late 2019 and became the national pod in Vietnam to replace Vladdin. With the advantages of a slim shape and a compact shape is the outstanding advantage of Caliburn. The design of the Uwell Crown with Victorian pattern engraved in the black strip and the small crown on the button is very clear and detailed. Uwell created a beautiful contrast between the device’s edge blur and the glossiness of this device. Length of the Uwell Crown is in fact only as long as the battery of the Uwell Caliburn and only 1.5 times wider than the Caliburn

The top of the pod is larger and slightly narrow, making the sucking experience much more comfortable. The pod head is definitely upgraded from Uwell Caliburn. The Caliburn’s lid is a bit difficult to disassemble but very easy on the Uwell Crown, which is a big plus. Caliburn’s two oil holes are designed equally, on the Uwell Crown is designed to use 1 small hole and 1 larger hole with silicone stoppers to prevent the oil from leaking out. The larger design of the pod can hold more essential oils, avoiding the need to apply more than once.


Uwell’s characteristics of smoke and taste delight everyone. The new Uwell Crown adds a very unique wind adjustment problem, which is a convenient and appropriate slider at the top of the pod. In addition, Uwell Crown also has 2 suction methods like Caliburn ie press and no press. Uwell Crown has a 1250 mAh battery compared to Caliburn 520 mAh, so you will definitely have impressive battery life when using the 1.0 Ω battery.


For occ 0.6 Ohm – Is occ using freebase, it can burn from 18 – 25 w depending on the battery life of the device. Suitable for essential oils at the rate of 50/50 VG / PG. Suggest a high nicotine intensity helps you to be more facile

For occ 1.0 Ohm – Use for saltnic will definitely be better than Caliburn 1.4 Ohm

In short, is Uwell Crown better suited to you than Uwell Caliburn? The answer is yes

The Uwell Crown is a great pod, has better battery life, has a nice design. If you have a Caliburn, you should experience upgrading to Crown with more power, better battery, but still a pretty design.

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The latest version of Uwell’s Crown Sub Ohm Tank has a capacity of 5ml. With plug and pull fill features, the Crown V3 is an easy-to-fill ohm sub-tank.

Furthermore, with a pure taste, streamlined design and durable design, this sub-ohm tank is an absolute must.