TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank by Smok


TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank is a famous oil-containing burner in the TFV burner family. Based on the original design of TFV4, TFV8 has all the features and includes them ten times. Advanced airflow system, coil system, filling tank, and tank capacity with the overall size ratio of base rock to dust.

TFV8 With a dual vortex adjustable airflow set, this tank allows you to fine-tune the air until you find a sweet taste. The diameter of the central duct has also been enlarged to allow more air to pass through the tank for maximum air restriction.

While the swivel top fill feature remains the same, the intake port size has been increased for easier filling and less clutter.

Although this is not the smallest, nor the largest, the tank capacity will be able to hold up to 6.0 million juice depending on which coil is installed.

Smok’s famous TFV8 TF TF Tank is back with it with premium performance and innovative design to make it one of the most popular tanks on the market.

Technical parameters:

  • Size: 50 * 24.5mm
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Glass Room
  • Maximum tank capacity 6.0mL
  • Large double airflow adjustment
  • Rore Bore Delrin Eggs
  • Swing action on top

So is that the SMOK TFV8 worth your money? If you’re into high-wattage vaping and cloud chasing, it’s probably the simplest tank you’ll be able to buy. In any case, while I can regard and value its force and fume creation capacities, I additionally think that it’s staggering. As I discussed before, I usually vape within the 60W – 80W range, so having to travel over 100W just to urge a satisfying experience takes me out of my temperature. Also, its large size makes it harder to hold around, and therefore the high vapor consumption makes using it pretty expensive on behalf of me because I don’t mix my very own juice. I had a good time using it, and can probably take it out every once in a while just to impress my friends, but it’s just not something i might use on a daily.

Is vape suitable for everyone?

Businessmen, office workers, teachers, workers, or students will be suitable for simple but modern style but no less luxurious and elegant.

This vape offers the latest technology experience, safest, never exploded, this vape uses very fragrant mouth and creates attraction for the opposite sex, relaxes quickly and effectively, mastering the clouds fast Best of all, better affirm your self-worth, and especially save decades of longevity when smoking traditional cigarettes.

The compact design is suitable for everyone, gives a lot of smoke and rich taste, and especially the big Vape brand in the world will guarantee a life span of 3 years or more.

The pocket-sized vape ensures easy access to wherever you go, the simplest button design and display are the easiest to control, and confidently master the fastest Vape.

This vape is the best traditional tobacco cessation solution for you

Tobacco smoke Vape is 95% safer and cleaner than traditional cigarette smoke.