Protect your site and get profitable options with a cPanel license

cPanel license
cPanel license

After getting a hosting web service, the service provider gives you a tool or techniques to manage their hosting service. cPanel, Plesk and WHM help users manage or save their files efficiently. A cPanel is the best control panel as compared to others because it allows users to manage Linux hosting service. A user can control the task of hosting, for instance: creating a site, managing emails, databases, and domains and setting or resetting passwords and many other things. However, when using a control panel for managing your files and other services, you need to protect your site with some legal assistance. So, here comes a cPanel license because it helps you manage your system very securely. If you don’t have a cPanel license for your system, you should get it from your service provider because they provide you with a cheap cPanel license that helps you protect your site.

Why do you need a cPanel license for your system?

cPanel and WHM servers always require a paid license from cPanel, to function their services appropriately. When you have a control panel, and you want to run your site or system properly and need high functionality, then a cPanel license is essential. To protect your site and get guaranteed results, you must purchase a cheap cPanel license. For example, if you install cPanel without obtaining a license, it will only function properly once you get a license. If you have fewer users, you need a solo license, but when you have users in more incredible amounts, you need a separate license. Two servers use this license, so buy it instantly for proper functioning. You must purchase a cPanel license for VPS and dedicated servers because it has excellent features and functions to manage your hosting account.

What things should you know about having a cPanel license?

When you have a website and want to make it successful and secure, you need to know how to proceed. To secure and protect your site, you need a cheap cPanel license because it is a profitable option for your business. Furthermore, it is an agreement between you and the other party to take your services in the market legally and securely. So you should get your license from where you get your cPanel services because they know the procedure better. They give you different types of permits; you should choose the one that really fits your needs. They also offer you a cPanel license pricing process. The pricing rate depends on which license type you choose. So choose a cheap cPanel license and keep the price in your mind because your chosen license type is directly related to your system. 


You get better performance in your system and profitable business sales when you activate your license. People want better performance online, and if they get high performance, they will stay on your site. cPanel license not only provides you security but also gives you excellent performance.

Fully secured:

cPanel is trendy and known as a fully secured panel. This is because it has fully guaranteed features that help protect your site. When using cPanel with a license, you don’t have to worry about your data because you will be fully protected and secured with it.

Limitless features:

When using only cPanel, you use limited features and functions, but when using a license, you use limitless features to manage and protect your site.


When you get the services, they ensure you provide quality services, are responsible for everything, and help you in every situation.

What is the cPanel license activation process?

There are some steps to take when activating your cPanel license. First, you can buy a cPanel and do a super-fast and easy activation. Therefore, you can place your order and purchase a cPanel license from where you want. Then log in to your server and run your commands. Now you are good to go with your panel and enjoy great features that can help you succeed in the online industry.

What happens when your license is expired?

When your license expires, your website will go down, and you cannot log in cPanel because it will show you passed. You must use more features or functions to manage or protect your site. So don’t worry about it; you can renew or modify your license from your current service provider. For this, You can also transfer your ownership to another company if you are not satisfied with your current provider. Furthermore, You can buy a cPanel license for VPS and dedicated servers from Navicosoft. They provide you 100% original license at a very affordable rate. Every website and system online needs a license to be certified and legally online. They have secured and affordable cPanel license pricing that will help your website. 

Discuss some benefits of the control panel:

Like some other hosting control panels, cPanel has a lot of benefits. Below are some essential benefits of the control panel.

User-friendly interface:

The cPanel interface is user-friendly to manage, organize and protect your site. Moreover, it allows users to find them easily.

Highly compatible:

cPanel is one of the most critical control panels and is highly compatible with many other panels.

Excellent access to features:

With cPanel, you have excellent access or a great range of features to deal with every situation. From managing databases, transferring data, and organizing files and backups, it will give you many other services to make your site noticeable and help you get more traffic.


With the help of the control panel, it is easier for you to do backups and restore your data with cPanel.


The best part of the control panel is it is not only easy to use but also cost-effective. It will not burden your pocket, so don’t worry about the price. In addition, you can quickly get a cPanel license cheaply. 


cPanel plays a significant role in managing, controlling and monitoring your site. You can secure your data if you buy cheap cPanel license. Furthermore, the cPanel license gives you a well-designed and built-in interface for the control panel. However, Navicosoft provides you with excellent services for a cPanel license. Their team is cPanel certified. They provide you with quality services and an original cPanel license at a low price.