Best Sports News Site in Vietnam


Currently, there are many sports news 8Xbet websites available in Vietnam, but it’s really difficult to decide which is the best. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the biggest is that most of the sites are not updated as often as they should be.


Xemtructiep sports news in Vietnam on 8X is a rapidly growing website in the country. It provides in-depth coverage of various sports events in Vietnam and abroad. Besides, it offers a forum for discussion on a variety of topics. Its content is updated regularly, so it’s highly recommended for sports fans in Vietnam.

The site has a large readership, with more than 16 million unique visitors every month. The site features articles in both English and Vietnamese, as well as a calendar of upcoming events. It also has a discussion board, live scores, and predictions. You can join the community and make your own posts. You can also check out the site’s videos.

You can access the site on PC and mobile devices. You can also book tickets for sporting events on the site. You can even buy a digital platform that allows you to book sports venues in the country.


XemTheThao789 is one of the fastest growing sports news sites in Vietnam. It publishes articles on various games, including e-sports, football and martial arts. The website also releases videos, live scores and analyses. Its content is mainly geared towards Vietnamese fans. The site has a large readership and local area supporters. Moreover, it is the only vetted professional football news service in the country.

It also has a forum for discussions on a wide variety of sports. Its content is updated daily. You can access the website from PC or mobile devices. Moreover, it has a video blog with a live video feed. You can also find information on major sporting events in the country. The site is available in English and Vietnamese. You can also download its iPhone application.

Tuoi Tre News

Whether you’re a fan of football, volleyball, tennis, b-ball or other sports, you can get the latest news and scores from these websites. They also offer videos and predictions for upcoming events and competitions. You can also check out ticket booking and betting games. The best sports news websites provide accurate information and help you decide which team you want to support.

There are many sports news sites in Vietnam. Some are good, while others are not. Here are some of the best sports websites in Vietnam. You can choose the one that suits your taste and interests. These websites also help you know about the upcoming sports events in the country. You can access their websites from anywhere and stay updated with the latest news and scores.

Thanh Nien Newspaper

Xemtructiep sports news in Vietnam on 8Xbet has emerged as one of the most popular sports sites in Vietnam. It offers extensive coverage of the latest events in the country and around the world. Its readers can choose from articles, videos, live scores, and other related content. Its articles are written by vetted journalists, and its video library features content in Vietnamese and English.

The site is updated 24 hours a day, and its readers can access the website from PC and mobile devices. It also features a forum where sports enthusiasts can participate in discussions. Its content is geared toward the Vietnamese sports community, with articles about local teams, national competitions, and international competitions. It also features a free betting game.

Xem the Van Hoa Newspaper is a multilingual news site that specializes in sports. Its reporters offer reports and videos on football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, cricket, rugby, golf, and other sports. It also provides data on the Bao Thanh Nien U21 teams, local area highlights, and critique feeds for matches.

Thao 247

Xem the Thai 789 sports news in Vietnam on 8X is rapidly growing and one of the most popular websites in its category. The website provides comprehensive coverage of sports events in Vietnam and the rest of the world. The website is updated regularly and features articles in Vietnamese and English. It also provides video content, live scores and reports. You can participate in sports prediction games and check out the calendar of upcoming sporting events. The site is easy to use and has a graphical interface.

Another popular sports news site in Vietnam is YouSport. The site provides extensive coverage of various sports and offers live reporting for major sporting events. You can also play sport betting games and join sports forums. You can also download the mobile application to access the website.