Polyurethane Fabrics


Tepastex fabric options are quite versatile.

Polyurethane fabrics, which we encounter every moment in daily life, are used in areas such as interior products, sofa and chair dressings, bed headboards and fabrics upholstered on the edges, car seat dressings.

We do the upholstery work. We renew the dressing of the seats used by our customers. We supply the fabrics of the redesigned armchairs through Tepastex. Since the company provides corporate service, the employees also provide very professional service.

They produce renewed models and colors for seat upholstery. Since they have an innovative understanding, we can present the favorite designs of the season to our customers.

One of the most important issues for our customers when choosing fabrics for sofa upholstery is the quality of the fabrics and their colorfastness. Other expectations, especially families with small children, are to choose easily cleanable dirt and stain-proof products. Besides all these, the most important thing is that they want to choose the innovative fabrics of the season in the furniture sector.

We prefer to work with Tepastex among many companies on behalf of our company. We provide satisfaction by responding to the expectations of our customers with Tepastex products. Tepastex does not embarrass us against our customers by fulfilling our orders on time.

Tepastex polyurethane fabrics type has a waterproof structure. In this way, the fruit juice spilled on it does not trap products such as tea and coffee. It is easy to clean and does not stain. It can be cleaned by wiping practically with the help of a soapy cloth.

If you want to examine Tepastex products in detail, you can examine them in detail on their website.

We are pleased to work with Tepastex on behalf of our company. We also recommend it to you.