How Much Does a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cost For Home

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A portable hyperbaric chamber in any house is undoubtedly a crucial device. It is the perfect solution to major to minor health problems. With a portable hyperbaric chamber that can easily fit in any home, the individuals in a family can manage many treatments even in busy schedules. You can choose the most suitable times and sheet the diseases using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. It prevents you from worrying about visiting a place at a particular time for treatment. You can always get your treatments whenever you need them or whenever you have time for them. It also saves a considerable amount of money for you as compared to the treatments you get in the hospitals. So if you want to enjoy the benefits of a hyperbaric chamber, you need to know the hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost. This way you will be able to compare the prices of health care centres to the chamber you’ll buy for home. 

But before that, here are the factors you should consider while purchasing a hyperbaric chamber. 

  • Size of the chamber

The market has a range of sizes available in portable chambers. Compared to the ones in the health centres, the hyperbaric chambers for homes are more portable and smaller in size. However, you can choose from a variety of sizes based on your requirements. If you do not have ample space in your home or are sceptical about the measurements of the chamber you need, going for a standard-sized chamber would be the wisest decision. Some of the chambers available on the online stores are equipped with wheels that make moving the chambers to different locations easier. 

Some people also prefer to look for “hyperbaric oxygen therapy near me” as they do not find hyperbaric chambers portable for their homes. 

  • Style

When it comes to oxygen chambers, you cannot expect all of them to be identical to each other. Some of them available in the market acquire different designs. You should always go for the ones similar in design to that of the chamber already available in your home. By this, it will be easier for you to manage the environment of your hyperbaric chambers and adapt to the new oxygen chambers in future. 

  • Quality

It is a factor that you must always consider when purchasing a hyperbaric chamber for your home. Do not always look for hyperbaric oxygen therapy costs, but also ensure that you prioritise the quality. The chamber has to have quality gas to operate correctly. There are some prominent brands that ensure the best quality. Make sure that you are choosing the right one. 

Price of purchasing a chamber

Usually, there are two types of chambers- one that is ideal for homes and the other for hospitals. The most common ones are the ones ideal for homes that can fit any space. These chambers usually cost around $300. However, the small portable hyperbaric chamber might be available at as low as $20. But if you want to find the premium models, they can also reach more than $1000. 

If you compare hyperbaric oxygen therapy costs to purchasing a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the latter one will benefit you. In general, an oxygen treatment costs between $250 to $450 per sitting, whereas you can buy a chamber at a similar price and use it more than once.