Pest Control Services Is Vital In The Food Industry


If there is one industry we can name that definitely needs to have good pest control services, then it is definitely the food industry. Whether yours is a 5-star hotel or a local eatery, you have to give a thought to what provisions you have made and your action plan, should you face a pest problem. And if you have not got the correct provisions in place, your food business is almost certainly going to be shut down sooner or later.

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of is the regulatory body that sets the Food Plant Pest Control Melbourne laws which the service providers of the food industry are expected to follow. Such an agency works in the best interest of the public. The top priority laid down by such agencies is cleanliness and hygiene. So, if such agencies discover an unclean premise, and even worse, any kind of pests, in your premise during a routine inspection, there is a high chance that you would either be heavily fined or even be given a close down notice.

Mice and rats are the most commonly found pests in any eatery. As food waste attracts these nasty creatures; restaurants, cafés or a takeaway have become ideal breeding grounds for these pests. There are also other aspects- some areas may be more prone to pests due to their geographical locations or locality of business. But whatever be the reason, you have to ensure that your premises are pest-free. So it is highly recommended that you hire the services of a professional Restaurant Pest Control provider and keep your restaurant pest-free.

In today’s tough economic times, business is looking out for cost-cutting measures. Resorting to cheaper paper towels and cleaning supplies, which are still fine. But some restaurants end up making a major mistake, that could lead to even putting them out of business, that is cutting factory Best Pest Control Services from their budgets, which ends up costing them dearly. In the restaurant business reputation and cleanliness is everything. So do not miss out and hire a professional restaurant pest control provider to keep your restaurant pest-free!

Why is Pest Control Critically Important in the Food Industry?

Pests are attracted by food, making the food industry most vulnerable to pest infestations. Therefore in order to maintain the highest levels of food safety, it is extremely important to have a food factory with affordable pest control service in place. Pests are carriers of disease- and pose huge health-related threats not only to the final consumers, who actually consume the contaminated product but also to the staff of the food industry who handle and process the product.

Imagine this scenario when you do not have food plant pest control services at your unit-

  1. Pests at your food unit
  2. Damage to property and equipment
  3. Spread of diseases via transfer of pathogens
  4. Food contamination
  5. Spreading of pests to all the places your product goes, right up to the final consumer
  6. A contaminated product being consumed by a consumer
  7. Probable health risks to them
  8. Bad reputation and loss of credibility in the market
  9. Legal prosecution or even worse- complete shutting down of your business.

Isn’t this a very terrible thing to happen, all because you hadn’t invested in a good food plant pest inspection process at your unit!

Factors to decide the Pest Control Plan

A lot of factors have to be considered before being able to decide on a pest control plan for the food industry. Considering factors like geographical conditions, current climatic condition, kind of food ingredients used, type of pest infestations, etc. These factors are vital to deciding the control and eradication techniques apart from the common types of pests. Some common types of pests that are usually found in almost all food industries are ants, cockroaches, flies, rodents, beetles, and moths, and can be easily dealt with help of a good food plant pest control provider. Pest control companies also handle site-specific needs and other complex pest infestations.

Pestinct Pro Solutions for The Food Industry

Prevention is the most critical aspect of restaurant pest control. We at Pestinct Pro Solutions understand this and work dedicatedly to keeping a restaurant premises pest-free. Once you have contracted with us, we begin with the basics like concealing the potential entry/exit points of pests, be it any holes or cracks in the building. Then we top this up with other preventive measures and regular chemical treatments. We have a rigid protocol on the pest control products we use, more so while carrying out pest control at food units due to close proximity to food. All the products we use carry no health risks to your staff. Since it is food that your factory is dealing with, we are extra cautious about contamination possibilities. All our technicians are qualified and have passed through specialized training for handling the special and specific needs of a large variety of customers.

So what are you waiting for? Reach us through our website or call us on our toll-free phone number, and book your free consultation now.

Hire SES Pest Control Melbourne for all your advanced pest control needs and have a safe and secure restaurant and food industry.You can also read our blog on Tips For Removing Pests Out of Your Home.