Top Tips for Upholstery Cleaning


If you are thinking of cleaning your upholstery, then there are some basic rules that you must follow. You can now get rid of stains, smells, and looks as well. Here are our top tips for Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne.

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1.) Mind your water

If you are cleaning upholstery, then naturally you will need water. However, using water at the wrong stage of your cleaning can spell disaster for upholstery. Any dust, dirt, grease, oils, and dead bugs that have been worn into the material will quickly turn to mud if you add water too soon. Water should be used lightly, and carefully in the form of a steam cleaner, or water-flushing vacuum when used on upholstery.

Water is also a temperature threat to upholstery. So, when you are using water, always check the maker’s label before you apply it. So that you do not inadvertently shrink, damage, or burn the material. If you are washing your upholstery, such as upholstery on a sofa or curtains, always wash them at the same time. Even if there is only one part that needs cleaning. Using the same temperature and chemicals to avoid shade differences. Nothing worse than a pair of curtains in different shades!

When using water, be mindful of drying as well as upholstery dry cleaning. It does not dry quickly or effectively enough will smell bad and attract more dirt.

2.) Use an excellent vacuum

You can clean your Upholstery annually and most of the time even less than that (unless you have children or pets, in which case you may be cleaning more regularly). Upholstery is exposed to all the same dirt and grime that your clothing is exposed to, and some more! Crumbs, spills, footsteps, drips, drops, sweat, oils, insects, insect poops, and insect dead bodies, as well as skin cells, have all found a loving and welcoming long-term home in the form of your upholstery.

The only way to remove them is to suck them out with a powerful vacuum or with upholstery steam cleaning. If your standard home vacuum is not as powerful as you need it to be and does not have all of the different heads and fixtures to get deep into the upholstery, then consider buying or hiring one, especially for the job: you won’t regret it if you hire upholstery cleaning services

3.) Use dedicated cleaning detergents

Many first-time upholstery cleaners think that they can use washing powders and other household cleaning products. DO NOT DO THIS! Use those Washing machine powders and other cleaning products that are good for your sofas. If you are cleaning your sofas, and carpets, then use washing liquids and detergents that are specifically made for upholstery. Not only will they make your life easier, but they will smell nice and protect the material on your upholstery much better than any other product can.

Ben writes about home improvements and loves to keep his upholstery clean and fresh. Hire the best upholstery cleaning company to get good results. You can also read our blog on What Are The Best Ways To Do Deep Upholstery Cleaning .