Omicron Impact on Seniors – Dos and Don’ts


It’s been one month since WHO announced the Covid-19 variant “the Omicron,” the variant that is of the most concern (VOC).

The first findings indicate that this particular variant is highly infective, and the increase in the number of cases per day recently confirms this.

The Omicron has the potential to be as powerful as the Delta version Omicron is a model that has the same potential. Omicron is currently being spread across 38 countries and is growing rapidly.

The good thing is that this variant has not caused any deaths to date however, it does not lessen the impact of this particular variant especially for seniors.

The Omicron and the Vaccines

The main concern with this Omicron version is its capacity to avoid the antibodies that are released into your body through the Covid-19 vaccines.

However, the information is scarce at present but the initial studies suggest that vaccines can shield against the significant effects of the latest version.

Based on these studies The’memory response’ is the process of triggering these antibodies that can help to prevent serious illnesses in children.

What about older people? Do they react to this variation as stronger than the younger ones? Let’s discover!

Omicron in Seniors

The latest version is an enigma for those with weak immunity such as older people and children. Particularly elderly people! The more advanced the age the greater threat this type of attack poses.

In the case of comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, and elevated glucose levels the elderly are more prone to this type of condition.

With that said there’s still uncertainty about the exact effect that this Omicron variation has on the population of the elderly.

In any event, it is always best to follow strict Covid-19 protocol to avoid this type of virus infiltrating our homes and senior living facilities like assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.

Here are some dos and don’ts elders should adhere to avoid getting this extremely infectious variant.

The Dos:

1. Continue to Follow Covid-19 Protocols:

  • If you’re someone who has slipped away from adhering to the precautions of Covid-19, then it’s time to get back on track.
  • If you’ve been a strict adherent to the protocols of Covid-19, please keep doing so.
  • Facemasks and washing your hands regularly, keeping a social distance, and getting vaccinations are extremely effective in preventing this form of the disease.

2. Wear Only Effective Facemasks:

  • Masks made of cloth or other materials will not work since Omicron is an extremely infectious form.
  • Utilizing N95s KF94s and surgical masks can effectively block the airborne Omicron in the vicinity.
  • Make sure you use the masks that are suitable and have braces that can be adjusted so that they fit your face with no gaps.

3. Use Air Purifiers:

  • Utilizing effective air purifiers and adequate ventilation reduces your elderly chances of getting sick.
  • Utilize high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, and stay clear of window shades. They block free airflow.

4. Booster Shots:

  • There is limited information available in the process of an additional shot for senior citizens who have been fully vaccinated.
  • But, many medical researchers and doctors are now recommending that seniors get booster shots.
  • The body’s antibodies can help fight the new form of cancer from the highest ground. But, consult your physician’s guidance before you take any decision.

5. Have a Senior at Home? Be Extra-Cautious:

  • The preventive measures you follow with the elderly in your home are unhelpful if just one family member is not in compliance with the safety guidelines.
  • Be sure to follow every preventive Covid-19 protocol and do not make excuses if you go out.
  • When you talk to your elderly wear a mask to keep the distance.

The Don’ts:

1. Don’t Distance Yourself:

  • It’s not human to be able to separate yourself from your parents completely. They require companionship and human touch just as you do.
  • Be sure to follow safety precautions, however, do not secure your older children completely.

2. Don’t Curb Socializing:

  • Even if your senior is secluded or keeping distance from family members, don’t cause them to feel in a lonely place.
  • Speak to your parents as often as you can. They require social interaction more than anything else!

3. Don’t Panic:

  • We are blessed with Covid knowledge, vaccinations, and numerous treatment options today that are available than when the time we first heard about Covid-19. Don’t let Omicron worry you.
  • The symptoms of omicron are similar to the other variants of Covid-19. More options are offered for treating omicrons.

Senior Care Amid Covid – Ways Assisted Living Aced It

assisted living facilities have once again shown that taking strict safety guidelines, medical emergencies and awareness can work miracles for the lives of seniors.

Many senior citizens living in these senior living communities didn’t be faced with the stress of life in a normal society in the midst of the pandemic.

They didn’t feel lonely They continued to lead a normal life, form connections, maintain their health, manage their everyday needs, indulge in their passions, and enjoy the best of their lives.

Understanding the rules of senior living, paired with efficient operations systems the modern senior living facilities served as a protection for seniors against outside threats without removing them.

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