Flaunt Your Beach Style Wearing Fashionable Straw Hats

Flaunt Your Beach Style Wearing Fashionable Straw Hats

Traditionally, stylish straw hats are composed of naturally extracted straws and some synthetic materials. Straw hats are unisex and provide sunlight protection. Europeans have preferred numerous kinds of straw hats since ancient times. The characteristics making straw hats trendy amongst both males and females are their feather-like weight and tiny pores all around the hat. 

Straw Hats for Sun Protection

A straw hat is a perfect accessory for your beach-style statement. They are great for shading you from the powerful summer sun, they are easy to pack, and they are surprisingly versatile. Although, for example, one wants to buy a sun-protective straw hat, the tightness of the weave alongside the size and number of holes present on the surface of a straw hat also demonstrates the sun protection rating. These straw hats are vintage-style hats with a flat brim and an adjustable back band. 

They typically come in bright colors, with pearls, ribbons, and bows adorning their crowns. A straw hat is excellent for sun protection and lying back on the beach. UPF is the primary factor demonstrating the sun protection rating of a straw hat. According to experts, straw hats having UPF 50 offer the best in class sun protection. The most commonly worn straw hat is pretty much the perfect accessory for your beach-style statement. 

Different Kinds of Straw Hats

Based on the different and specific requirements from the hats and their designs, there are several varieties of straw hats in the market. You can easily choose one based on your choice and preferences. Some of the popular straw hats are the boater straw style, Panama straw hats, Fedora straw hats, the lifeguard straw hats, and the garden straw hats.

Floppy Beach Hats

Floppy beach straw hats are specially designed for women. These hats have wider ridges in contrast to other straw hats. Since beach straw hats consist of broader ridges, they cover a wide range of sun rays. The price of floppy beach straw hats varies based on the UPF rating. Wearing low-quality floppy beach straw hats can damage the scalp of your head. Therefore, when choosing a floppy beach hat, one should also focus on the fabric quality. 

Boater Straw Hats

It is popular amongst both males and females. Boater hat style is the most common type of straw hat. Both men and women prefer them during the summer season as a casual hat. Undeniably it is a fashion, but the tiny brim in these hats offer very little sun protection. The umpteen popularity of this hat is because it is unisex and timeless, and this quality makes the boater straw hats an evergreen choice with respect to women’s outfits.

Panama Straw Hats

Panama straw hats are the best choice to adopt for convenient wearing and easy breathability. Mainly, women prefer it in the vacation, and the base of this straw is identical to the ancient straw, but it comes with a new approachable style. For all, this hat is very alluring and embellishing and gaining grounds among the hearts of tourists primarily because it provides complete sun protection. Women look fascinating when they wear Panama straw hats, and their aura is very appealing to everyone.

Fedora Straw Hats

In the varieties of hats, many are confused about the Panama straw hats and fedora straw hats because they are identical. So it is an uphill task for the tourists and celebrities to go with which of them, but you get to know that the material of Panama hats is defined by an ancient hat though its modern-day style resembles that of a fedora hat. Moreover, this hat is lightweight, so you can easily carry it on your holiday trip and provides you with protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

Tips to Choose a Perfect Straw Hat

Finding a perfect straw hat for your needs is a daunting task. When choosing a hat, it’s essential to consider what style you want since they’re available in various shapes, including round or oval-shaped brims and with different types of crowns. Another thing to keep in mind is the brand you choose to invest in.

Straw hats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are wide-brimmed hats that shield your eyes from the sun, which will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. There are also more miniature brimmed hats that are perfect for keeping your ears warm when it’s chilly outside. Make sure you consider all types and materials before committing yourself to a specific type. 

Give your style statement a touch of class by pulling a straw hat with your outfit. These hats are known to go best with bikinis on the beach. Give a bold style statement while maintaining the utmost safety for your skin and hair from the sun by finding a perfect straw hat for yourself.