Know The Reasons Why Your Vape Tank Is Leaking And How To Get It Fixed


Those who love to vape or are vaping for a long time, know the value of a good vaping kit. If you do not have a good quality vaping kit, you may not be able to enjoy your vape as others do. Be it the vaping tank, battery of your vaping kit, or the e-liquid that you are using, all these things matter a lot when vaping. But despite buying a good quality vaping kit, people often face some problems while vaping. One of the common problems about which we are going to talk about here is the leakage of your vape.

When your vape starts leaking, it may irritate you, as it will spill on every surface or every place you will keep it. It is better to get it fixed on time; else it will keep wasting your vape liquid also. But before you get it fixed, you should know the reasons why your vape is leaking. Here, we have mentioned all the reasons that can make your vape leak.

Vaping kit with a chipped glass

This happens rarely, but it is one of the reasons why your vape is leaking. If it is leaking from day one, then that means that you have purchased a vaping kit with chipped glass. But if it has started leaking, later on, this means the glass got damaged later on and due to which it has started leaking the vape liquid. When the glass gets chipped, the o-ring used for tightening the tank will also not help. Your vaping tank will continuously leak, so you should get the glass changed.

Using thin vape liquid

Don’t get surprised that how using a thin liquid can make the vape tank leak. This usually happens in those vaping tanks which are used for vaping directly into the lungs. Check the airflow openings in this case, as vape liquid leaks from there only. It is always suggested that for such type of vaping tanks, try to use a viscous vape liquid. This means you should buy vape liquids which have more ratio of VG (Vegetable Glycerine) present in them, as it is thicker in comparison to PG (Propylene Glycol). You can buy a Viscous Vape Liquid from Breazy Vape Store. You will find both thick and thin vape liquids there in different flavours. Depending on your choice and the kind of vape tank you are using, buy the right vape liquid.

Not buying authentic vaping products

Be it buying the vape tank or buying the vape coil if you are not buying the authentic vaping products, you may have to face different problems. When it comes to replacing the vaping coil, people either end up buying a duplicate one. Or they buy a cheap coil to save some bucks. When attaching the coil to the vape tank, it may not fit properly, if it is not the original product. This makes the vaping liquid leak when such vape coils are attached to the vape tank. If you do not want your vaping experience to get ruined, then never buy such cheap or duplicate vaping products.

Next time, when you face any such leaking issue in your vape tank, do not throw it in the trash. Instead, check these issues and see if you can fix them or not. We hope this will help you in avoiding leakage of vaping liquids from the vape tank in future.