Is A PS3 Worth Owning In 2021?

PS2 HDMI Adapter

After the production of PS2 in 2000, Sony sold millions of PS2 worldwide till 20013. Even after six years of production of PS3, PS2 still sold. You must be wondering that in comparison to PS2, how well did the PS3 did and is it worth buying in 2021, or it would be just a wastage of money? Well, here is some required information about PS3 that will help you decide if it’s worth buying or not.

Rough start of PS3

A long time of 4 months was taken for the launch of PS3 globally. And because of the insanely high price, PS3 met high resistance from the customers. At that time, PS3 was expensive because of its complex architecture and Blu-Ray disc drive. But unfortunately, it didn’t show until very late in the 7th gen. PS2 is complex and that made it difficult for third-party developers to port their games. The rare high tech is expensive and its high price had a devastating impact on the sales of PS2.

PS3 HDMI Adapter

You will need a PS1 or PS2 HDMI Adapter to play an older console on your PC while PS3 games use an HD output and most games pay only in 720p, but a 1080p converter can work even better. There are many HDMI upscalers or converters, Kaico OSSC is one of the best full featured HDMI converters that convert PS2 signals to HDMI. Through the simple system of the menu, you can easily adjust settings and output resolutions accordingly. The display lets you know the status of input and output when the unit is power on.

How many Versions of PS3 are there?

From 2006 to 2012, Sony release three versions of PlayStation 3.

  • The original PS3 FAT Models (2006)
  • The PS3 Slim Models (2009)
  • The PS3 Super Slim Models (2012)

Which Version of PS3 you should buy?

Well, it depends on your plan on using the system. Although all the models of PS3 are backward compatible with PS1 discs, slim and super slim almost give up PS2 game compatibility you can still play PS1 and PS3 games. If you want one for display purposes, the FAT model should not be a problem for you, but if you want to play games, slim and super slim would be the best options. The slim models are probably ideal and the best thing is their slim sizes. By far, the super-slim model is the cheapest and it is no doubt nice looking which is not too expensive and does not take a lot of space. 

The drawback of PlayStation 3

Slim model and Super Slim Model are worth buying in 2021, but the problem is that most of the consoles that exist today are not in so good condition and the major problem is that they get overheated quickly which can cause a problem. The advice for this case is, that if you live in a warm place, and play console for long hours, give your consoles some space to evacuate hot air and suck fresh air in. Regardless of the model, they also need some space and break to breathe.