How To Install Exabyte TV on Kodi 2022?

Exabyte TV on Kodi

In this article, we will tell how you can install Exabyte TV on Kodi with a simple method. We discuss the following contents. Or you can simply jump to the topic of how to install exabyte tv on Kodi. The rest of the following content Information is just for knowledge, you heard a quote that Half information is always dangerous. So, go through all the contents for better understanding. Hope you like it. 

  • What is Kodi?
  • What is Exabyte TV? 
  • How to install Exabyte TV on Kodi. 
  • Conclusion. 
  • Frequently asked questions. 

What is Kodi? 

Kodi is an open-source media player. Which allows users to access content like Video, movies, music, and other digital content on the internet or locally. Although Kodi does not provide any type of media or content. Users can set up or configure the Kodi to access media, content, or third-party apps/media or services. This means you can access digital content or third-party content which is stored locally or on a network server. 

You can install Kodi on OS like android, iOS, Windows and OSX(macOS), Linux, and tvOS(apple tv). But if it is blocked in your region and you are not able to use it easily then don’t worry. With the help of any good VPN service, you can still use Kodi in restricted areas. ExpressVPN is the top-notch service by anyone can get any content of any region and country. The pricing of this VPN is also reasonable and by using coupons you can easily get ExpressVPN discount deals. It will instantly make your payment so cheaper than your thoughts.

In other words, Kodi turns your devices into digital smart streamer boxes.

Features of Kodi: 

  • Movies – you can stream or stream movies. With all supported formats. 
  • Add-ons – the main feature of Kodi is add-ons. It allows you to add almost all popular apps and services. 
  • TV Shows – you can watch your favorite Tv shows. 
  • Interface – user-friendly interface. 
  • Music – you can listen to music or you can make a playlist for chilling. It supports all formats. 
  • Skins – you can apply skin as you like. 
  • PVR – this feature allows you to record live tv. 
  • Remote Controls – you can control as you want with lots of remote controls support. 
  • Games – Kodi supports many emulators. So you can play as many games as you want. 

What is Exabyte TV? 

Exabyte TV IPTV(Internet Protocol television) is a third-party online media streaming software/app. It’s made for a Spanish audience. Exabyte TV contains Spanish Movies, Cartoons, Sports Live/TV shows, etc. you can also watch Latin American movies and tv shows. Users can watch some shows in English too. You can use exabyte tv via add-on on Kodi. Along with it, you can also check about troubleshooting in Kodi.

How To Install Exabyte TV on Kodi 

As I said earlier, it’s made especially for Spanish people. So, if you want to see Spanish movies, tv shows, etc. you can watch via Kodi. Exabyte TV is a popular add-on for Kodi. Follow the following steps to install Exabyte TV on Kodi. 

Step 1: Open Kodi and select System”. 

Step 2: In the system, the menu chooses “File Manager” and clicks it. 

Step 3: Choose “Add Sources” and click it on. You see two lists with the same option, choose the left one. 

Step 4: In the add sources window, you will see “<None>”, choose that and click on it. 

Step 5: After clicking it on <None>, a new window opens up, now you have to enter this URL in the path or URL field and click on “OK”. 

Step 6: Now you will find, the URL is showing now instead of <None>. below that, it will ask you to “Enter a name for this media source” in that field entre name “Exabyte TV” And click the Ok button. A zip file will be downloaded. 

Step 7: Go back to Home, choose “Add-on” from the left side menu. Step 8: On the same left menu top left corner, choose the “box type” icon and click on it. Step 9: Choose and click on the “install from zip file” option. 

Step 10: A list will open choose “Exabyte TV zip file” and click on it.

Step 11: Select “” in the list and click on it. 

Step 12: Wait for a sec. You will get the notification that “Exabyte TV add-on is installed”. 

Step 13: You can access exabyte tv from the home page, click on “my add-on option” from the left menu list.

Step 14: For better experiences restart Kodi so that the add-on function works properly and smoothly. 

Features of Exabyte TV : 

  1. Live TV. 
  2. Movies. 
  3. TV Shows. 

There you go you have successfully installed Exabyte TV on Kido, enjoy lots of movies and TV shows. 


Overall Exabyte TV IPTV is a good app to watch Spanish movies, tv shows, live television, news, cartoons, etc. great add-on for Kodi to stream Spanish content. In this article, you have learned how to install exabyte tv on Kodi. If you face any issue/error or problem please contact their official developer. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is Kodi legal? 

Kodi is a legal media player and you can stream Netflix, Amazon, and any OTT platform content on it.

Is Exabyte TV Free? 

Exabyte TV is free to download but for some features, you may be charged.