How to Clean a Messy House: A Proper Guide for House Cleaning

House Cleaning

A messy house doesn’t look good at all and casts a very bad impression on the people visiting your house. Living in a house that’s not kept well is also quite unhygienic. If you don’t have the time to look after your house, you can hire professional house cleaning services in dubai. However, if you do the job yourself, here are some tips for you that will help you clean a messy house effectively and efficiently. 

1- Remove Trash at Once 

Grab a trash bag, start at the end of the house, and go through each room to pick up all the items you need to throw away. If you want to clean your extremely dirty house easily, this will help a lot. You can start by removing all the waste materials and putting the trash bag in the waste bin designated outside the house after collecting everything. 

2- Pick up Plates and Cups from the Rooms

Dirty dishes have only one place: the dishwasher in the house. Once you remove the dishes from other rooms, you will eventually see that the cleaning is getting easier. This gives you more focus and ensures effective results.

3- Pick up Dirty Clothes

Dirty clothes are a big part of a messy house. Therefore, pick these clothes and take them to the laundry room. You can start the laundry and proceed towards cleaning other rooms. This will save you time. Don’t forget to put the cleaned clothes in the dryer when you’re done. 

4- Clean Each Room in Order

Start house cleaning each room in a specific order from the end of the house. Leave the kitchen for last so you don’t mess up other areas you’ve already cleaned. Move from one room to another and do standard cleaning tasks. For example, you can do dusting and vacuuming for all parts of a house. 

5- Dust and Vacuum Each Room 

Once you’ve proceeded to clean all the rooms, start by dusting every corner. Use a duster or a microfiber cloth to complete this task quickly. At this point, it may be easier to leave the kitchen for the last. This also gives you a place to collect your standard cleaning products and trash. Now that your rooms are free of dust and the floors are free of obstructions like garbage, it’s time to bring your vacuum out. Vacuum each room in order and change the vacuum bag if it is needed. 

6- Clean the Bathrooms 

Wipe down the sink and countertops with disinfectant cleaner, and if necessary, use a high-quality glass cleaner to clean the mirrors. Use a spray cleaner to clean the shower area and toilet. You can also spray the cleaner on them and leave it on while you clean other parts of the house. Make use of the best toilet cleaners for great results. However, you can clean the bathroom floor afterward. Most people like to clean the bathroom floors and kitchen floors at once. 

7- Clean the Bedrooms

When deep cleaning your bedroom at home, start by making your bed. If the linen needs to be changed, do it. Otherwise, just make your bed properly. Because once you make the bed, the whole room will look cleaner almost instantly. Pick up and put away various items in the bedroom. Straighten and dust the items on the dresser. When dusting, focus more on window frames, door tops, wall hanging, and ceiling fans.

8- Clean the Dining Room 

Not all homes have a separate room for dining, but if your home does have a dining room, you probably use it only occasionally and clean it in the least cluttered room of the house. However, the dining room can become a gathering place for uncleaned dishes and other items, and it may take several minutes to pick up the items and move them to their original location. Dust everything in the dining room and make sure that your dining table and the chairs look brilliant. 

9- Clean the Living Room 

Just like every other room of the house, clean your living room by starting with dusting. Vacuum the cluttered furniture, remove the pillow, and vacuum all parts of the upholstery. Make sure that all of the furniture is free from any kind of dust. If you have small carpets at some points, pike them up, give them a good shake by taking them outside, then vacuum when you put them back inside. Clean the windows and use a vacuum cleaner or flap to dust the tops of all the frames of your doors and windows. 

10- Clean the Kitchen 

Empty the dishwasher, put away clean dishes, and start cleaning the kitchen. Then clean the countertops and put the used dishes in the dishwasher. Once all of your countertops are cleared, start cleaning kitchen appliances like the microwave, refrigerator, dash panel, and others. Sweep all rugs, and sweep and mop floors.