How to Build Your Business on the Current Wellness Trend


In 2017, the wellness industry was valued at $4.2 trillion. Many industries have shifted to become more wellness-focused, from smartwatches to vending machines. If you run a business, start incorporating a popular wellness trend into your strategy.

There are a multitude of ways to capitalize on the wellness trend. You can create supplements, sell new products, or simply incorporate wellness into your marketing strategy. This is guaranteed to bring in new, health-conscious customers.

Modern people care about taking care of themselves more than ever. If your brand can show that you care too, new customers will flock to you. Wellness is an accessible trend that can yield great results for your business.

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Keeping Up With the Wellness Trend

Even within the larger trend of wellness itself, certain fads come and go. A few years ago, people were very into supplements and vitamins. Nowadays, people are more skeptical of supplements but are moving toward emotional wellness.

Read blogs and social media to see what people are talking about in real-time. Follow wellness-focused Instagram accounts. This way you’ll not only see what your customers care about, but what other brands they’re using to achieve their wellness goals.

Know your competition and try to emulate them. Make a list of businesses that incorporate wellness and take notes from their strategy. Or just keep reading this article!

Ways to Incorporate Health and Wellness Into Your Business

You don’t have to toss out your entire business plan and start from scratch. There are many ways to seamlessly incorporate wellness into your company.

The best part about health and wellness trends is that you can make almost anything count as “health and wellness”. Whether you own a cleaning company or a beverage business, you’ll be able to convince customers they’re investing in their health and wellness.

If you already have an established product and brand image, you can still utilize the health & wellness trends of 2020. You can base an entire marketing campaign on wellness while making minimal changes to your established brand.

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Start From Within

First, promote wellness internally. Encourage your employees to get more sleep, maintain their mental health, etc. Consider incorporating yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation into the workday.

If you can, also encourage healthy habits in your employees. Introduce an incentive program to help people quit smoking or replace your vending machines with health-conscious models. An internal focus on wellness will help your bottom line and your employee’s lifestyles.

Create Healthy Snacks

If the HealthyYou vending reviews are any indication, people care about accessible healthy snacks. Our lives are more hectic than ever, and we often have to compromise between healthy food and quick food.

See what your business can do to help customers eat well on the go. Cater to busy lifestyles and promote the idea that quick food doesn’t have to be junk food.

If your business is already food-related, this should be easy. Focus in on convenience and nutrient-dense ingredients.

If your business is not related to food, find a way to partner with a healthy snack company. If you’re a SaaS company, market to health food brands and other vendors. Otherwise, find ways to promote other companies that share your wellness-minded values.

Focus in on Sleep

The global market for sleep aids is expected to be worth over $84.9 billion by 2021. Mattresses, prescriptions, herbal remedies, and more are all considered “sleep aids”. This keeps in line with a huge social focus on sleep lately.

There’s even a Pokemon game that focuses on your sleep. Mail-delivery mattress companies are also incredibly popular, though the market is fairly saturated. There are a ton of ways you can encourage sleep in your business.

You could make pillows and blankets that guarantee to improve sleep (see the massive success of weighted blankets)! Or produce a creative melatonin supplement – a melatonin-infused chocolate bar, for example. Think beyond the vitamin bottle.

The public is tired. Help them rest easier, and they’ll keep coming back to your business. After all, everybody sleeps – you have an instant customer base.

Encourage Self-Care

Face masks, bubble baths, and candles are often billed as “self-care” items. Self-care is exactly what it sounds like and is becoming incredibly popular. Consumers want to feel good about themselves and love luxurious ways to do so.

Produce an item that can improve your customer’s life in small ways. Make it visually appealing, make it smell good, or feel nice in their hands. Focus on the way your customers will experience the product.

Bill your product as something the customer deserves. Frame your pitch as a new way to take care of themselves. Appeal to their desire to treat themselves.

Utilize Your Influencers

Influencer marketing is the future of advertising. Many wellness-minded customers may be wary of a big business selling to them. However, they trust the opinions of people they follow on social media.

Customers consider influencers their friends. So, when an influencer recommends a product, they are more likely to trust them. These parasocial online relationships will be a boon to your brand.

Be picky about the influencers you partner with. Choose accounts that will further your brand image. There are a ton of different ways to market via influencers, so do your research!

Wellness Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

When a customer believes your product will make them feel better from the inside out, they’re more likely to spend money. The wellness trend has grown quickly and will continue to gain popularity. In these strange and uncertain times, customers want to invest in their own happiness.

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