Here’s a list of 6 latest nature-friendly trends about pre-roll packaging in the packaging industry

pre roll packaging

As soon as the cannabis industry was legalized, it started booming. A new set of regulations are constantly being introduced in various regions across the globe to deliver legal cannabis products to consumers. A pre-roll is a ready-to-consume joint filled with cannabis. It is among some of the most common methods of smoking cannabis. You can purchase it from a store or a dispensary. These days, the pre-roll industry is on its rise with manufacturers finding new and innovative ways of packaging their products.  A move towards sustainability is making a good contribution in this regard.  This is because a large number of businesses have realized the environmental impact of their practices. To overcome it, they have started using eco-friendly custom pre-rolls packaging. It’s a great way to provide different opportunities to businesses to take steps towards sustainability.   Let us discuss some latest nature-friendly trends about Pre-roll packaging that is influencing the industry:

Push Pack – Child Resistant Pre-Roll Packaging:

The Push Pack is a perfect option for those who are looking forward to creating sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly packaging. As compared to other pre-roll multi-pack options, this Push Pack is designed from cardstock. This makes it natural and more environmentally friendly. Above all, this packaging is certified as child-resistant. You can customize them according to your branding requirements by printing relevant details. This trendy packaging design is perfect to place five or seven pre-rolls together. However, its dimensions can be altered according to your requirement. Other popular pre-roll multi-pack options include 3-packs or 10-packs. CMYK and other premium printing options make it possible for businesses to utilize the entire package. It’s the best way to educate the customers about your product. Attach related graphics and other regulatory guidelines to make them more informative. Once used, recycle these boxes to minimize the environmental impact.

Cigarette Styled Pre-Roll Boxes:

These fully customizable cigarette-styled pre-roll boxes can be produced in any size by using all-natural and biodegradable paper. As they are made from sustainable sources so, they are much more eco-friendly than plastic or metallic packaging. Due to their ability to be customized in any size, you can create them in the pack of 5, 7, 10, or 20, etc. The pack for 20 pre-rolls is the same as that of any traditional cigarette box. It is a highly durable, affordable, and eco-friendly option for custom branding. Most of them come up with dividers to keep the pre-rolls at their place. This makes it a great option to consider all across the industry.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Joint Tubes:

As compared to other pop-top joint tubes, these tubes are made from plastic collected from the oceans. It is one of the trendy options when it comes to pre-roll packaging. If you want to portray yourself as a sustainable brand, it might be a perfect choice for you! This plastic tube is child-resistant and produced from packaging made from 100% High-Density Polyethylene, classified as recyclable. It has a little off-white color with a textured finish. It completes the sustainable look and feel of these tubes. It gives an opaque look. This feature makes it ideal to be used in states that require custom pre-rolls packaging to be non-transparent like Colorado and Rhode Island. These recycled ocean plastic joint tube is often recommended pairing with 100% organic hemp pre-rolls to complete your sustainable pre-roll line.

Glass Pre-Roll Tubes:

Recyclable glass tubes are another trendy packaging option used for packaging pre-rolls these days. It offers a sleek and elegant feel maximizing the shelf life. They provide a better seal to retain freshness. That’s why they are getting more in demand than plastic tubes in the market. As glass is an inert material so it does not impart anything on the product inside. Glass also acts as a good barrier against oxygen and moisture as compared to other packaging options. Above all, it is known for its exceptional recyclable properties. It is a premium-quality packaging offering multiple sizes and cap styles. If you go for 100% natural and biodegradable material, cork is a good option. It pairs with glass tubes well to create sustainable packaging. It’s convenient to use and reusable as well. The last step to complete your pre-roll packaging is the use of a custom printed label or a custom box to hold your pre-tubes more securely.

Pre-Roll Snap Pack:

A pre-roll snap pack is high in quality, child-resistant, container offers customers greater reusability. It is made from durable, sustainable plastic that provides maximum protection to the pre-rolls and safeguards them from any damage. The container offers reusable properties with a hinge that lasts for many months. Consumers can reuse it for storing their pre-rolls, lighters, hemp wicks, and similar stuff. This pre-roll package also has enough space for labeling on the top, bottom, and all across the front, and backside. It provides plenty of room for the pre-roll manufacturers for branding and printing useful information.

Slider Pre-roll Box:

If you want a custom branded eco-friendly and child-safe packaging solution for your pre-rolls, this slider box is an amazing option to consider. There are unlimited ways to customize it according to your branding needs. As it is made from premium-quality cardstock so it is perfectly safe to be used for your pre-rolls. The material is all-natural and free from different types of contaminants. It also saves your pre-rolls from moisture and other atmospheric effects. A sleeve box displays your products beautifully in a retail environment. It can undergo custom printing to showcase your brand uniquely and attractively in a nature-friendly way.