Gojek Clone App: Components of Online Video Consultation

gojek clone app

Online Video Consultation is the new world technology where anyone with a smartphone can consult with professionals. This service became popular during COVID-19 because people were unable to step out of their homes and get basic medical assistance. That’s when Online Video Consultations came into the picture. Multiple hospitals began this service, fostering convenient and prompt medical services. After this, apps like Gojek Clone integrated this Online Video Consultation for its users. 

Why are Gojek Clone App Online Video Consultation Services So Popular? 

An app like Gojek offers Online Video Consultations where users can speak with professionals online and get a proper solution to their issue. While most online consultations are available for medical purposes, this app offers consultation with Lawyers, Academic Tutors, Fitness Coaches, Yoga Instructors, and even Astrologers. 

Gojek Clone Video Consultation

Consult whenever you want to 

Phone queues are one of the most tiring processes. Customers have to wait for their turn, speak with the receptionist, and then get the appointment. This is when Online Video Consultation helps. 

The Gojek Clone App users can now book a session whenever they want to without having to talk to another person. Additionally, the customers need not take an appointment and wait for a week to get their issues solved! 

Quick help without having to visit the professional

The biggest perk of using Online Video Consultation is that users don’t have to visit professionals. They can consult online and get the solutions to their problems right from the comfort of their home. 

Through the consultation, customers can discuss their issues with the professionals and tell every detail about it like they’d do face to face. 

Get dedicated time and attention from the professional

Since the professionals are in no hurry to complete the appointments, they can dedicate considerable time to consult a single person. Such dedicated allotment of time will prove to be effective in terms of getting a suitable solution! 

Components of Gojek-Clone App Online Video Consultation Service

Here are the components of the Gojek Clone App video consultation services! Every component ensures that users are able to consult with the provider easily and conveniently. 

Choose a nearby professional

The app user can choose a service provider who is nearby. When going through the list of professionals that appears after selecting the service category and sub-category, users can apply the filter and see who’s nearby. 

Moreover, they can see the current location of the service providers who are online on the Map-View. Based on the urgency of getting assistance and the nearest proximity to the service location, the users can book the professional! 

Review the bio before booking

The app users must check the bio of the professional before booking their services. Why? Because only then they will be able to decide which professional suits their needs the best. In addition, other than the introduction of the professional, the bio will contain all the ratings & reviews and portfolio. 

The Gojek Clone App enables customers to check everything about the professional before booking an Online Video Consultation

Provide additional information 

To help the professional understand the issue better, the app integrates a feature where users can provide additional information. For instance, if a user is booking a video consultation with the doctor, they can write some details explaining how they are suffering from flu, frequent headaches, body pain, loss of appetite, etc. 

The professional, that is, the doctor can use the provided information to understand the situation better and offer effective treatments! 

Select payment method 

The accepted mode of payment for Online Video Consultation is a credit card. The money is automatically deducted from the linked card once the professional ends the task and clicks on Collect Payment. 

payment method

However, the user can add multiple credit cards and choose which one they want to use to make the payment. In other words, there’s no hassle of cash payments! 

Track job progress 

Another attractive component of the Gojek Clone App is – users can track their job progress on the app. This enables them to keep a tap on the timeline of the job from start to finish. 


Summing up, the Online Video Consultation service offered on the Gojek Clone App can be booked by anyone who owns a smartphone. Gone are the days when a face-to-face conversation was a necessity. Now, customers can speak with the professional anytime they want right from the comfort of their homes. 

So, get the multi-service gojek app today and integrate Online Video Consultation to earn more, expand the business, and make your customers’ lives easier.