Is Gojek Clone App Different From Other Multi-Service Apps?

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Want to know the key difference between the Gojek Clone App and other multi-service apps? Lucky you! This blog explores the definition of a Gojek-like app in-depth and tries to distinguish it from other ordinary multi-service apps. 

Let’s start! 

gojek clone app

Gojek-Like App: A Simple Definition 

A multi-service app like Uber or Grab usually offers more than one on-demand service. However, a Gojek Clone App offers something better – 82+ on-demand services without any glitches. 

In other words, if you launch this app on iOS and Android App Stores, your customers will be able to book several services with just a single app installation. This also means that by installing this app, your customers will be able to save the phone’s storage space as they now no longer need to download ten different apps for booking a taxi, ordering food, sending parcels, hiring a beautician, etc.

What Does Gojek Clone App Do? 

An app is termed to be useful for customers only when it becomes a ‘helping hand’ for them and shares the burden of their daily chores. Let’s see how this multi-service app is beneficial for your customers, your service providers, and you! 

Meets all the modern-day needs of customers 

With this app, your customers will be able to meet all their needs, 24 hours a day! For example, your customers have the option to book all the following services right from the, in just a single click! 

  • Online taxi ride booking 
  • Online video consultation 
  • On-demand deliveries 
  • Service bidding 
  • On-demand services 
  • Parcel delivery 
  • On-demand medical services 
  • Delivery Genie and Runner 
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It is a super-app 

Apart from offering 82+ on-demand services on this Gojek Clone App, you will be able to become a super-app by providing advanced features. All the integrated features work in conjunction with the services to give a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience to customers. 

Some of the features you will get pre-integrated into the app include; 

  • Mark Store as Favorite
  • Service Booking through the Website
  • Uploading Prescription 
  • Manage Wallet Money
  • View Earning Report
  • Manage Geo-Fence Location

Well, these are only a handful of the advanced features. However, if you want a detailed look at the list of features, check out the Gojek Clone Price page. 

Generates more income 

Your service providers will be able to earn more money by booking back-to-back rides or doing other jobs in their spare time. For example; 

A Taxi Driver now doesn’t need to wait around to get ride requests. They can accept back-to-back ride requests and make more money. Say, the driver is completing a ride in the XYZ area. Now, while on an ongoing ride, the driver receives another ride request from the same area. The driver can accept the ride, drop off the passenger from the ongoing ride, and after that, start another ride. 

Delivery Drivers on the other hand can also make more money with the Gojek Clone App. A parcel delivery driver can also register themselves under the food delivery service. Thus, in their spare time, that is, when they are not delivering parcels, drivers can take up food delivery jobs and make more money! 

Earns high revenues 

With this amazing app, entrepreneurs like you can make more profits by choosing a suitable business model. There are two profit-centric business models, Commissions and Membership Subscription Plans. 

Under the Commission-based business model, entrepreneurs make money on every single service booked through the app.  Whereas, under the membership subscription model, money is earned on every plan purchase, renewal, and upgrade. 

Furthermore, the entrepreneur gets to earn extra bucks via in-app advertising, surcharges, and cancellation fees. 

On the whole, the Gojek-like app is the best app any on-demand business owner can opt for. 

Final Words: 

On a concluding note, Gojek Clone App is the best on-demand multi-service platform that showcases the capabilities to make you a millionaire in the shortest time! So, if you want to launch a fully-fledged app in just 1 to 2 weeks, get the Gojek Clone Demo. 

Take the trial for as long as you want and place the order. For more information about this fantastic app, get in touch with the Sales Team.