Gift Your Children the Secret to A Healthy Life


School is the best place for a child to learn and grow. It helps to develop cognitive, social, emotional skills in a child. Apart from all the good learning, school is a place where kids pick up germs and illnesses.

Children spend a lot of time in schools and are prone to many diseases since children from different backgrounds. Hence, a child needs to inculcate healthy habits and remain safe and healthy.

Many parents who are themselves stressed they find it difficult to communicate with their children. Parents may go through stress for various reasons such as financial stress, physical stress etc.

They can cater to their financial stress by borrowing loans from the market since loans with no guarantor are also available in the market, making it easier for the borrower to pay back the amount. Once the reasons for stress are catered to, parents can better deal with their children.

Parents must teach their children the importance of staying healthy. Healthy habits should be a priority during school years, and kids should know how to keep their bodies intact and healthy.

To make things easy for parents, here are few tips to inculcate healthy habits in their children.

  1. Timely vaccinations

Vaccination is one good way to stay away from diseases and reduce their spread. In this pandemic, when everybody is dealing with stress to stay healthy, it is important to follow a healthy routine and instill healthy habits.

Since the Covid-19 vaccine is not yet approved for children, it becomes important to take care of them and keep them away from infections.

For all other infections, their vaccinations should be done on time. It is advisable to consult with your paediatrician and discuss all the required vaccinations. Get a chart prepared for your child’s vaccinations and refer to it regularly.

  • Wash your hands properly

Hand washing has become one of the main precautions in this Covid time. But this precaution has been in practice for ages. It is rightly said that regular hand washing helps you stay away from any germs and bacteria.

Children in schools are exposed to germs from different sources, and also they can become carriers for spreading the germs.

Hence, it is important regularly to wash hands for self-safety and the safety of other children. Children scratch their eyes or nose, and it may be difficult to stop them to do so.

Making hand wash a regular practice for children and adults can reduce the spread of germs and infections drastically.

Along with regular hand washing, it is also essential to wear masks and maintain social distancing. This is the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Teach your kids to wash their hands properly, especially after specific hands such as using the bathroom, before and after meals, blowing nose etc.

  • Make the Immune system stronger

A strong immunity helps the body fight diseases and germs. Parents need to boost their children’s immunity to keep them away from infection and illnesses.

Make your children eat healthy food and encourage them to follow a healthy routine and lifestyle. Once the children are habitual of following a healthy lifestyle, it will prove beneficial throughout their lives.

A healthy routine includes sleeping and waking up on time, drinking sufficient water in a day, eating healthy food such as green vegetables and fruits and having proper sleep, regular exercising etc.

Along with this healthy routine, it is very important to stay happy and motivated. Staying happy also improves mental health, which in turn keeps the body healthy.

With all the preventive measures, children may attract any flu or cold as their immune system is still developing. Hence, there is no need to panic and instead work on their healthy routines and habits.

For better immunity, you can also go for vitamin supplements for your children on your doctor’s advice. This may help to fulfil any deficiency in the body.

  • Watch for Signs of Anxiety and Stress

According to research, stress and anxiety may sound limited to adults only, but children may also undergo a lot of stress due to various reasons.

Social pressures and homework may form a strong reason for stress in children. It is the responsibility of the parents to talk to their children regularly about their school routines and homework to keep them stress-free and happy with their situations.

Stress and anxiety can cause many health problems in children and can be the reason for their disturbed mental health.

You can equip your children to deal with stress and anxiety and make themselves sufficient for their whole life. Spend more time with your children and involve them in various activities to de-stress them.

There is no one approach as every child is different. It is important to understand your child’s mindset and act accordingly. What may work for one, may not work for another?

Hence, it is important to form your unique strategy to deal with your child’s stress. You can seek expert advice too to make things easy for you and your child.

  • Breakfast- The most important meal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be a balanced meal. It should include all the nutrients in equal proportions, such as protein, complex carbohydrates, and proper brain functioning.

It also helps in maintaining steady levels of energy throughout the day.  A healthy breakfast is key to an energetic and happy day.