Get Treatment At Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi Through Laser Technology

Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. To get technical treatment at the Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi, this means that the light source is specifically focused into a very intense beam, which is usually coherent. In other words, it is reduced to a very specific wavelength in the spectrum and controlled to “oscillate” in only one plane. Some lasers are visible to the naked eye, while other parts of the spectrum are invisible to the naked eye.

Technology focus at Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi

Where and how does this focusing technology play a role in dermatology, especially cosmetic dermatology? All lasers, regardless of their type or wavelength, generally cause some form of localized heating when irradiated to the skin. A trained laser dermatologist can use this heating effect on the epidermis or dermis to achieve the desired results. 

Burn a small layer of skin

Some are designe to actually burn a small layer of skin. While others are designe to heat and slightly burn a layer of skin to promote healing, new skin growth and a tightening effect. Lasers are also use to burn unwanted growths such as tumors and moles, and to remove tattoos and scars. Below are the most commonly use dermatological lasers and their applications. 

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Laser specifications

Each laser has a specific wavelength of light, options for focused or pulsed beams, and differences in intensity ranging from light heating to large burns. The skill of the laser dermatologist is key to getting good laser results. A highly skilled physician understands how to deliver the right laser at the right intensity to achieve the desired effect.

Best Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi

Here are some of the Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi and their typical applications. The dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi owns and use several of these devices, while others own only one or two. This depends on the preference of the laser practitioner and the equipment they think is necessary for the procedure, which is what they are good at. Lasers have helped to open up a whole new field of skin treatment. They have also made it possible to perform previously performed procedures more quickly and often painlessly, with shorter recovery times and a lower risk of complications.