5 Ways Pharmaceutical Companies Use Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom printed shipping boxes

Medicines are shipped worldwide. These are sensitive items that need care and the right preservation to perform as intended. Custom printed shipping boxes offer that support without pressurizing the annual budgets.

As the competition in the pharmaceutical industry grows every year, it calls for better packaging that escalates the customers’’ demand for the brand. the recent virus wave has opened new doors for new startups. Businesses see it as an opportunity to diversify their operations in the medical supplies market.

However, impressive brand recognition doesn’t come easy. Customers only pick brands that appear reliable. What qualifies them as so? The packaging plays a great role in setting the brand as functional and up to the customers’ expectations. Medical supplies need technically crafted boxes that store and transport them without causing a mutation of any sort.

The benefits of good packaging are quite evident. But it takes effort and careful planning to craft them effectively. If you are just starting out, the following tips would come in handy any day.

Think about the goal

What do you want to achieve with effective shipping boxes? Pre-defining this is the key to craft the boxes that align with the stated brand vision.

The shipping boxes inevitably become a part of the brand. The branding features used must gel with the overall brand story. Otherwise, customers can feel confused and the overall marketing effect won’t hit the mark.

Many pharmaceutical brands employ their brand logos on the shipping units. This creates familiarity with the company and informs customers of the brand’s existence. Printing the logo and brand name is the first thing that differentiates the business from others.

Next, the sellers can utilize colors and patterns that go with the brand image they want to portray. It becomes easy to make more sense of the other promotional materials when explained in detail on the packaging. Taglines work well too in capturing the interest of the target customers. They depict what the brand believes in and desires to deliver.

Custom printed shipping boxes

Maximize the resource use

Packaging is required to send off medicines; it is unavoidable. So, why not use it in the fullest capacity?

First, the custom packaging must be created as per the pharmaceutical item. Certain medicines need better cushioning than others. Custom sizes and shapes store the contents for a longer time and more productively. Long distances can expose the packaging to excessive weather conditions, dust, and movement. Incorporating these risks within the packaging enables using them as a shield that keeps the medical supplies in their original state.

Secondly, the boxes come with convenient handles, ribbons, locks, and extra sleeves on top for a better appeal. Retailers and customers prefer to buy brands that offer easy-to-use and open packaging boxes. This adds to the competitive advantage and becomes the go-to choice for many potential buyers. 

Provide apt info

Medical supplies need custom printed shipping boxes with detailed info. Certain regulatory bodies make it compulsory to inform customers of various product characteristics to help them judge whether to use it for their specific purpose or not.

Customers do not buy pharmaceutical products unless they are 100% sure of them. The perfect way to achieve this is by using the boxes as a communicative tool. Modern customers read the contents thoroughly before buying medicines. Brands must indicate the production process in detail coupled with the potential side-effects and required dosage so customers can rely on the brand for future purchases too.

The next important thing is to mention expiry dates. Customer complaints due to health hazards must be avoided. Printing all relevant data on the boxes is a clever idea to save on additional leaflets and ensuring that the customers trust the brand to pledge loyalty to it.

The content must be printed with clear ink and font style. The boxes are also used for conveying branding. the customers are informed of the other products offered by the brand, promotional periods, etc. the more creatively the boxes are used the more impact they would have on the buyers.

Support with graphics

The limited space on the boxes makes it essential that information is presented in a summarized yet engaging way. Graphics help to say a lot more than words. They also make the boxes highly appealing and easier to relate to. Colorful illustrations grab a higher customer attention and compel them to pick the brand. it also makes it simple to understand instructions and follow guidelines.

Manufacturers selling small-size medical supplies can use display boxes and mention all the content on them. These boxes are great for diverting attention and presenting the products in one box rather than multiple small boxes that are difficult to customize.

Similarly, larger products can be packaged in shipping boxes that are shaped appropriately. The corrugated stock is flexible enough to be creatively molded. Boxes holding fragile pharmaceuticals can be labeled as such. Courier companies read the packaging to know how to handle them.

Pick the right resource

Even though the shipping boxes are made from corrugated material, the grade and dimensions matter financially. Pharmaceutical production needs high sunk costs and so the manufacturers need to wisely invest in marketing.

The shipping packaging helps to lower the marketing costs by providing multiple functions. The brand identity embossed on the boxes is seen by a large group of potential buyers. Hence, it lowers the need for billboards and hoardings. Sellers can choose custom box features and can thus control their costs. The boxes crafted are of relevant sizes, eliminating the need for attaining bigger boxes.

Customized boxes create a retainable customer contact that boosts repeat purchases and ups the sales figures. Overall, shipping boxes can elevate the brand vibe to give an extra edge to the pharmaceutical company and make it a customer favorite.


Don’t consider shipping a hassle. With custom printed shipping boxes created with the stated tips, the competition can seem less intimidating. Crafting the boxes becomes easy with these guidelines that ensure that the sellers get the most out of their packaging.