Find the right vapor Charger for your Vape pen?


Charging the vapor device is one of the tasks that every vaper has to do. It isn’t new to anyone having laptops, mobile phones, or other electronic devices; every device’s batteries die. It can also be painful to keep them charged all the time; think, have you even not gone anxious when your phone battery hits 30 percent and you have to spend a whole night over it. Sadly, such is also the case with an unprepared vaper. 

In this post, we will look at finding the correct vapor charger for the vape pen. The vape chargers are available in various forms; the point is to select the best one for yourself. Keep your vape device ready for a long day or a well-deserved night. 

The vape pens come with their proprietary charging cables that can be plugged into a power source using a USB port at one end and a connection fitting your device at the other on the top of the vape’s battery. As per your device’s battery capacity and model, the vape chargers take a half-hour to two hours to fully charge. 

It is pretty easy to charge the vape pens. You need to grab a wall wart having USB output, plug one end in the connector and the other in the battery. Most of the devices come with a charging light notifying you whether the device is plugged in and charging or not. Some machines come with led screens highlighting the percentage of battery charged. 

It is suggested to use a converter or a wall wart to plug the device directly into a power outlet instead of using one of your USB ports. In a rare instance, if the device or charging cable malfunctions, only the adaptor stays at risk and not your computer or laptop. 

 If your device has a micro-USB or other standard plug, make sure you use the manufacturer cable or another appropriate one to charge the device. Some of the chargers have rapid charge technology giving 2A power to the device that can be much more for the vape to handle. To have a more extraordinary device life, it is suggested not to exceed the recommended charging limits. 

Even if you have checked the capacity, it is never a good idea to leave the device unattended. Make sure to check it doesn’t get hot. It is normal to have a slightly warm temperature, but overheating can cause a problem. If it is a case, unplug it and wait till it cools down. 

There are chances that if you change your device too long or too often, there are greater chances of diminishing the battery’s output quicker than usual. There even exists rare chances that malfunctioning charge protection systems could explode or fire. Make sure you have enough arrangements to avoid such suboptimal situations. 


These were a few of the points to be taken care of while purchasing vape chargers for your vape pens. Ensure you get the correct one for your device to have a long-lasting life of the battery and enjoy an endless vaping experience.