Fast-growing suburbs in Alabama

A view of one of the fast-growing suburbs in Alabama.

From well-known southern hospitality to major companies and banks, Alabama has a lot to offer to current and future residents. Numerous Alabama suburbs are experiencing significant population growth. Consequently, new home construction demand is increasing.  If you are searching to find your own “Sweet Home Alabama,” these are the top fast-growing suburbs in the state.

1. Pike Road

With a population growth of 1,600% in this century, this municipality is the fastest growing in Alabama. With almost 10,000 inhabitants, this community offers a great quality of life, public services, planning, and education. Rural feel, with strong planning and economic development, makes this suburb one of the best places to live. Education is one of the top priorities in this community. Hence, Pike Road is perfect for families with children. Numerous annual events make this municipality an attractive and interesting place for living. So, if you are planning to move here, reach out to a dependable crew to give you a hand. Hoover local movers can help you at every stage of your move. They can handle the packing, transportation, and every other service you may need. Finally, they will suggest the best storage solutions too.

2. Chelsea

This fairly new suburb is a part of the Birmingham metropolitan area. It offers a small-town feel to its residents. Being one of Alabama’s fastest-growing suburbs, it is also a family-friendly and quiet place for living. Furthermore, the school system is highly ranked and crime is very low. Beautiful parks, gardens, outdoor activities, and family adventure parks attract many families with children and other newcomers. 

A light sign saying Alabama in one of the fast-growing suburbs in Alabama.
Choosing Chelsea is a very good decision.

3. Hoover

With over 85,000 citizens, Hoover is the largest suburb of Birmingham. Many major companies are located here. As a result, Hoover is very attractive for young professionals. This fast-growing suburb is well-known for its numerous golf courses, and a large complex with offices, shops, restaurants, and a hotel. This suburb is also attractive to retirees and senior citizens. Moreover, its extraordinary natural environment, with its woods, rocks, trails, and streams, is very popular among hikers and climbers. High-rated schools and universities make this suburb a perfect place for families with children.

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Gulf Coast
Hoover is certainly one of the fast-growing suburbs in Alabama you should consider.

4. Fairhope

A lively town located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, Fairhope is unique for its charming seaside ambiance. Well-known for its numerous art galleries, boutiques, gift shops, cafes, and seafood restaurants, it is also home to arts and film festivals. There is a great number of sports and recreational facilities, playgrounds, golf courses, parks, water sports. Local schools are excellent. All of that makes Fairhope a perfect place for a healthy and happy life.