Everything Novice Parties Should Know About ByBit Liquidation

ByBit liquidation

Novice parties interested in crypto investing and trading are often unaware of ByBit liquidation. In simple words, the term liquidation means selling digital assets for cash. A crypto trader who is unable to meet the margin requirements for a leveraged position experience forced liquidation.

People who plan on starting crypto trading should have relevant information about the crypto market and the exchange they choose so they can trade crypto safely and conveniently. Understanding factors such as liquidation can help novice parties in making an informed decision while they invest their funds in a digital asset by using a crypto exchange.

Here is what crypto traders should know about liquidation price ByBit.

Understanding ByBit Liquidation

Liquidation occurs when a trader loses all or some of his/her initial margin. In such a case, the trader’s position is closed, which is called liquidation. This happens when leverage is used or when a trade is made with a contract whose value is drawn from an asset.

Know Different Types of Liquidation

While novice parties learn what liquidation is, they must know different types of ByBit liquidation. Every crypto trader who plans on trading Bitcoin or other digital assets should be aware of different types of liquidations.

Here are the two types of liquidations explained.

Partial Liquidations

Partial liquidations are the type of liquidations that close the position of a trade partially earlier to limit the use of position and leverage by the trader. This type of liquidation is used to reduce the risk to a platform, which can occur while traders wait for potential profits.

Total Liquidations

Total liquidation is the type of liquidation, which means the closing of a trader’s position once all or almost all of the trader’s initial margin is used. This is more of a safer option for the traders as, unlike partial liquidation, this type of liquidation does not take away the profits of the traders.

What to Know About ByBit Liquidation?

Once the novice parties know what liquidation is, they can move towards understanding how liquidation happens on ByBit. ByBit is one of the safest and most popular crypto exchanges in the market. However, understanding the basic procedures and technicalities can make buying, selling or trading crypto easier for beginners.

Liquidation on the exchange occurs when the Mark Price hits liquidation price ByBit.

Mark Price is also called Spot Price and it is an average price that is calculated from the price of multiple big crypto exchanges. So when it is said that ByBit liquidation happens when Mark Price hits liquidation price it means the last traded price does not trigger liquidation but it is used to calculate the price at which a position closes.

When Does a Position Liquidate on ByBit?

Buying, selling or trading crypto can be a challenging and intimidating experience, especially for people who have no prior experience. There are several things to look out for and several technicalities to understand.

One of the factors every crypto trader should know is how a position can be liquidated on ByBit. The two contributing factors are initial and maintenance margin.

Crypto enthusiasts can choose the desired leverage to open a position and the amount used from the available margin is called the initial margin. So if someone wanted to open a position of $2,000 with certain leverage they would have to provide $200, which will be the initial margin.

On the other hand, the maintenance margin is the minimum margin value that is required to keep a position open.

One of the benefits of using ByBit is that unlike other exchanges it does not liquidate a position unless the investors have more than 0.5% left. This crypto exchange never partially liquidates the position of a trader, which keeps the traders from losing any potential profits.

Can the Crypto Traders Avoid Liquidation?

One of the best ways crypto traders can avoid ByBit liquidation is to add margin to their position. This can be done on the exchange either by using Isolated Margin mode or the Auto-Margin Replenishment. The former mode is for manually adding margins, whereas, the latter is to automatically add margins.

Another benefit of using ByBit is that it offers more flexibility to the traders as compared to other exchanges by offering the Isolated Margin mode or Auto-Margin Replenishment. Both these options can help traders in maintaining their positions and avoiding liquidation.


ByBit liquidation is one of the most important factors novice crypto investors and traders should know. This information can help them trade more efficiently and without any hassle or inconvenience.

Therefore, people looking to trade crypto by using ByBit for the first time should have the above-mentioned information.