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What Does A Pre-Employment Screening Consist of?

Pre employment screening relates to the method whereby the employer checks the background of an applicant, checks them for medicines, and evaluates their conduct. It’s being used to reject a large number of inadequate candidates without a typical interview during the recruitment process. This simplifies the employment procedure and boosts its efficiency.

Before sending you an offer of employment, many employers perform pre-employment screening. Job seekers are usually screened to help in their decision to hire at some point during the interview. There are several possible employers who can utilize screenings to grasp the past thoroughly. 

Pre-employment screening is often known as a “background check.” the details and history is check. Employers may employ screenings to establish whether you can manage data that is personal and confidential and evaluate position-related abilities.

List of screening

Employers can run one or more of these standard pre-employment tests based on their employment:

  • The tracking social security number (SSN) is used to identify all names, dates of birth, and locations of the SSN. This trace allows employers to locate regions where more records may be searched.
  • Data are checked in several local, state, national, federal, and even global databases through criminal record screening procedures. You may have to offer up the fingerprints to a certain screening for criminal history.
  • Public registration screens can look into records of motor vehicles, driving history, credit history, financial records, salary records for employees, civil records, and, occasionally, medical data.
  • Assess for the integrity of the training or degree acquired, prior work, certificate programs or permits, references to professional services and military service records, checks, and qualifications assessment.
  • Pre-employment screens can sometimes give inaccurate information if something has been filed incorrectly. If the material in the screening is wrong, you should submit it to the right authority promptly. You can also inform you’re a probable employer that the screen is wrong and if feasible provide proof of the error.


For instance, if a recruiting manager has a common name, he can ask for a statement that creates information for someone else. To avoid this, check with a possible employer for a check on your SSN, present address, and employment record.

If anything in your background might potentially eliminate you from the application process, contact the hiring manager and discuss how you can enhance your candidacy. To be truthful is to show hiring managers your confidence.

Qualifying or assessing personality

Some organizations perform tests to evaluate whether candidates have the proper skills or personality guidance to do a certain job. Multi-choice tools and evaluations for the evaluation of manual dexterity, programming, editing, writing, telephone number, Microsoft word, or other capabilities may involve testing.

Check out the social media

Occasionally, throughout the recruiting process, recruiters check your social media profiles. Check the private accounts and modify the personal data if you choose to keep your data privately.

Checking of crime history

Many states have regulations that dictate how criminal data can be utilized in applicant assessment. The FBI and State Identification Agencies assist companies to examine the criminal circumstances of applicants, as necessary.

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