Best Quality Snow Grass Vegetable Slicer

snow grass vegitable slicers
snow grass vegitable slicers

Well, don’t you think every kitchen needs a unique kind of utensil in the form of snow grass vegetable slicer? To make the most out of your vegetables in the best shape. This incredible vegetable slicer is going to be your favourite one, after knowing its multi-functional qualities. Now though you don’t need to be worried more, for cutting vegetables by hand. Our stainless steel vegetable slicer is here to provide you complete comfort. We called it your multi purpose slicer due to its multi functional worth. Keep reading, to ease your task by using this easy to wash, smooth and safe to use slicer machine. Also, take notes of its all important features and usage capacity. 

What’s this vegetable slicer by snow grass? 

Our stainless steel vegetable slicer is the most sturdy and hard textured machine for your kitchen. To help you cut your veggies in a smooth and safe way. Snow grass vegetable slicer  is created and produced by German engineers,  who have a patent. The fastest and most accurate slicer in the world, it boasts 8 extremely sharp, precise stainless steel blades. Perfectly made to speed up and simplify operations in the kitchen.

Your multi-purpose vegetable slicer: 

We call it multi-purpose and multi functional due to its interchangeable blades that assists you to cut your vegetables in 8 different slices with only one single swiping. You cannot only cut vegetables but also shred fruits in a smooth manner. 8 Sharp blades cut your veggies in the sharpest way. It will only take your seconds to stir up all the veggies for serving your guest. 

Usage of vegetable slicer: 

The Slicer comes with 3 interchangeable blades.All of the blades are simply swappable by hand. These cylindrical blades or drums are for different purposes.You can use these blades for shredding or cutting (slicing). Put the fruit or vegetable on the safety guard if you wish to make a little cut. Otherwise, hold it between your fingers, distanced from the blades.Feed the slicer your food, then let it perform the labour-intensive work. Food will always be sliced evenly for you!

Safe and easy to use and store: 

Your multi-functional vegetable slicer is designed with a firm handle, That makes it easy to carry and use. To keep contours balanced there’s another anti-slip handle at the end of the slicer. You can handle it firmly by maintaining balance from slipping on the cutting board.

A hanging hole is also designed for your slicer safety, to hang aside of your kitchen after reasonable use. To have more control and safety, it is best to chop lengthy veggies, such as cucumber and carrot, into shorter lengths before slicing. Remember to use the bowl inside the Slicer Pro for the heavy slicing.

Quick to clean:

Our slicer is very easy to clean. Simply take off the blade and use a cleaning brush to wash them under running water. This is the best and easiest way to save your slicer from leftovers in the cutter. Proper cleanup will surely give life to your slicer. We advise using a brush when cleaning the cutter’s residue and must be thoroughly removed. You can use this precise slicer as long as you want. 

Time Saver Slicer: 

Snowgrass vegetable slicer is the best helping equipment in your kitchen. You can enjoy your activities by using veggies slicer and fruit shred. This quickest and smooth vegetable cutter is durable and reliable in use. It’s far better than ordinary plastic cutters. Its stainless steel cutter is strong, small and stylish. 

Slicer Frame is included in the package: 

  • Three blades
  • A safety holder
  • One rotary grater 


Speed up your preparations of cooking with smoothness and ease.Your best chosen multi-purpose slicer cuts 8x faster than other slicers, thus, pulling the food downward toward the blade instead of pushing it towards you. Multi-functional veggies slicer does not occupy much of your kitchen space. You can hang it aside by a hanging hole. We can assure you, you can never get a stylish, compact size cutter at a reasonable price. Three unique colour options in red, blue and green add more charm to choose your slicer. With stainless steel material,  and lowest weight you can never get any affordable cheese slicer, vegetable cutter with grater handheld. 


How do you clean the vegetable slicer? 

By removing all the blades and accessory items. Use a soft damp cloth for removing all residues. Place your cutter under the running water tap. Then move towards the drying process with the softest cloth. You can wash all the blades one by one with other accessories in your dishwasher. 

Is slicer a tool or equipment? 

Slicer is being used for cutting vegetables and fruits in slices and different shapes. You can call it a professional tool to use as your kitchen equipment.