All You Need To Know About Women’s Day!

All you need to know about women's day

The Internet plays a vital role in connecting people from all across the globe. There are billions of active people on different social media platforms who love to interact and share their personal views. There are agreements and fights over numerous topics as we continue to explore. However, sometimes we miss out on using the power of these fascinating technologies that could really make some enormous changes in reality. A key point to remember here is it’s all about perspective. The way we think and deal with our day-to-day chores makes us what we are!

This article about Women’s Day talks about the peaks and valleys of being a woman. It feels great to see women empowering society, but still, it’s a shame to see how some people consider them a burden on society. We will discuss this further in brief but let’s talk more about Women’s Day.

 What is Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day (March 8) is celebrated all across the globe to encourage women’s right to equality and celebrate their achievements in education, social, political, economic, and cultural spheres. It is the day that reminds people to break the stereotypes, biases, and discrimination against women. The #BreakTheBias movement in today’s generation goes far beyond the 19th century. Long before the Feminist movement in the 1960s, this war began way too early, when women came to the streets and did mass strikes for their right to vote and end sex discrimination. March 8, 1857, is the day when the mass protest began by several women garment workers. And later, considering the spirit of women standing for their equal rights, the United Nations in the year 1975 started celebrating this day as International Women’s Day.

Ways To Celebrate Women’s Day –

There are many ways to celebrate this day, but it’s not only about this specific day. Every day is a Women’s Day when it comes to treating them with respect. As we went over some details, the fight has been going on for several years. However, in the 21st century, many women face multiple challenges in their day-to-day lives.

Thus, go ahead and celebrate this wonderful day by making them feel treasured and appreciating their efforts in making this world a better place. Give all the ladies in your house a break for the day by taking them out for dinner. Thank them by offering some women’s day gifts and making them feel special on this day. Go out with them shopping or to movies and spend some quality time with them. You might already know about their likes or dislikes. So do not hesitate when it comes to fulfilling their wishes and making this day memorable.

Make Every Day A Women’s Day!

It’s not always on the negative side nowadays. Since we continue to grow together, many women are doing great for society. Considering this matter of fact that “Behind every successful man, there is a Woman,” go ahead and celebrate this day to acknowledge the beauty that lies within the soul of a woman. From keeping house to managing work and still making sure to put family first, that’s what it is about a woman. Many people believe that it’s always a man who always struggles. However, considering how a part of society treats a woman, their struggle is much more than one can imagine. Thus, go ahead and pledge to change the perspective by walking with every woman shoulder to shoulder every single day. And if you would like to show appreciation to your lovely ladies in Patna, go ahead and surprise them with flower delivery in Patna at their doorstep.

Appreciate Feminism

We should all understand the struggle of being a woman. Several people treat every gender equally, but still, many people objectify women, tell them what to wear, force them to stay home or stop their education for marriage, and many more. Now is the time we need to start asking questions! 

·  Why do sons have the right to education, but people ask their daughters to quit their studies and get married?

·  Why are women the only ones who are supposed to run the kitchens?

·  Why aren’t men told how to get dressed?

·  What work is it that men can do but women can’t?

·  Why do people objectify women in the workplace?

If we take such questions seriously and give them some thought, we might conclude that all genders are equal. There has to be no room for any doubts about treating every human being equally. 

We certainly shouldn’t entertain false feminism or anyone playing the victim card. However, we shouldn’t judge anyone based on their actions as well. The genuine #Feminism movement is to support all the ladies in the world in accomplishing their goals of making a better society. Hence, let’s hold hands and walk together to make this world a beautiful place to live. Once again, wishing you all the ladies a very Happy International Women’s Day!

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