3 Benefits of SEO For Your Small Business


SEO (search engine optimisation) is a form of digital marketing that improves the visibility of your website online. Specifically, helping your website to appear when users search for terms relevant to the service or product that you offer. This should be a fundamental part of any digital marketing strategy and has endless amounts of benefits for a business, but we are here to introduce you to three of the main benefits today! Just make sure that you have a quick website with good usability to help maximise the effects of your SEO efforts.

Brings Qualified Traffic To Your Website

The first benefit of SEO is that it brings relevant traffic to your website. Traditional methods of marketing can work well when it comes to brand awareness, but when you put up a billboard or a TV advert, it is extremely difficult to carefully target your audience as you can with digital marketing. 1,000,000 people could see your billboard selling your commercial cleaning services, but perhaps only one person actually needs it. 

This is where SEO comes in. When a website is well optimised with the correct keywords, you can target people who are looking for exactly what you offer. Going back to the commercial cleaning business, each service page of that website can be optimised with a specific term that people will search for when they are looking for that page, which is known as a keyword. So, if you have a page about hazardous cleaning, then a keyword like “hazardous cleaning” could be targeted. Once the page is properly optimised, it should increase in ranking, so when people search for the keyword “hazardous cleaning”, then your website will appear, to offer them the solution to exactly what they’re looking for. 

The important thing here is targeting keywords that are highly relevant to the services or products offered on that page. If you simply choose generic keywords that are really popular and not many people search for, then not only will it be very difficult to rank for them, but it is also less likely that people will find what they’re looking for if it’s a generic term. Back to our example, if you choose to target “cleaning companies”, when you are actually a specialist commercial cleaning company, thousands and thousands of people could land on your website but won’t necessarily find what they’re looking for. So, targeting a keyword that receives less searches, but is more relevant is certainly the best way forwards, especially for a small business. It is also a way to boost sales for your small business more quickly!

It’s Affordable

SEO is an extremely affordable and valuable part of digital marketing, so if you have a small marketing budget, then SEO is the way forward. With many other forms of marketing like social media adverts, pay per click (PPC) and retargeting, not only do you have to pay for the adverts themselves but you will also have to pay a fee to a digital marketing company to run and maintain the adverts, as they are very difficult to do right without sufficient experience. 

However, with SEO, you are simply paying the fees to a company to do the work without the added cost of the adverts. Not only this, but SEO is extremely valuable in the long term, as once a solid strategy is in place and a website is fully optimised, you will continue to see success long term and the impact will only get better when you continue to work with a digital marketing company. This is a small investment for the returns you will get. 

Improves The User Experience Of Your Website

SEO is all about user experience, because when Google sees that a website is good for user experience, it is rewarded by being moved up the rankings, so SEO companies will work very hard to make sure that the website is as good as possible in this area. So, as well as bringing relevant traffic to the website, when they arrive on the website, they will have a much better experience and are more likely to make an inquiry or purchase as a result! There are so many different ways that user experience can be improved, so this is definitely something you should discuss before committing to working with an digital agency Manchester or London based (two locations with the best talent in the UK. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! The world of digital marketing is getting more and more important, so making sure that you prioritise it as an essential part of your business is important. If you don’t have any knowledge in the area of SEO, it is certainly worth working with a digital agency who could provide you with white label SEO services as part of your business! No matter how or who implements it, SEO is essential.