18 Marvelous Gifts for March Birthdays

Marvelous Gifts

March is a tumultuous month that, for a large portion of the country, stands between winter and spring. It can bring horrendously gusty wind storms and snowfall and it can also bring peaceful, serene days with chirping birds and promises of warmer days. Those with March birthdays deserve gifts that celebrate how unique they truly are.

  1. March Birthday Flower Mug. The Enesco Our Name is Mud “March Birthday Flower” coffee mug screams for the onset of spring with its abundance of yellow daffodils and strikingly prominent font that reads “New Beginnings, Luck & Joy.” On the opposite side of the mug it reads, “You’re the Best of the Bunch.”
  2. Glass Birthstone Heart Suncatcher. Is there any better time to catch the sun than during the month of the spring equinox? This aquamarine colored suncatcher is hand-crafted out of glass, fully representing the month of March. Hang it in the window to catch warming sunrays.
  3. Lucky Feather Pisces Necklace. The delicate disc depicts the Pisces astrological sign. It boasts 2 crystal accent stones that make it sparkle like the night sky. Adjustable to 16 or 18” in length, the disc is 14K gold dipped and can be worn on both dress up and dress down days.
  4. Visa Gift Card. More than just a gift card, this gift is customizable and fun! Choose your favorite picture of you and your March birthday friend together and get it emblazoned on the front of the card. Add Happy Birthday! In text so that after the funds are spent, they’ll keep the card as a memento.
  5. Heart Himalayan Salt Lamp. The warmth of a salt lamp is unrivaled; it emits a muted glow that seems to emanate from within the lamp itself. In the shape of a heart, it will more than adequately convey your adoration and affection.
  6. Legends Are Born in March T-Shirt. This black t-shirt with gold text will let them celebrate their birthday and remind everyone just how special they are!
  7. Conspiracy Theory Board Game. Whether you believe in conspiracy theories or not, talking about them can be great fun! This board game covers a host of modern and old-time conspiracies that can be debated back and forth over the birthday cake.
  8. 100 Parks, 5000 Ideas. The perfect gift for the adventurer at heart. Jam packed with stunning National Geographic photographs, your birthday friend will be inspired to visit state and city parks all over the United States.
  9. Hot Sauce Making Kit. Everyone’s taste buds are different, and the generic hot sauces on the market can always be improved on with your own creation. This kit includes special spice blends and fifth generation heirloom peppers. For guys (and girls) who like their heat in the kitchen!
  10. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set. They can hold the world in their hands with those decanter globe set. Small and compact to hold the perfect amount of whiskey, it comes with a fiberboard stand that resembles the stand of an actual globe. A prestigious sailing ship is etched on the globe and it also comes with two etched glasses.
  11. Ides of March Pen and Pencil Holder. This Julius Caesar bust statue will sit boldly and obediently on any desk so your birthday friend can fill it with pens and pencils. Knives? Not so much.
  12. Adjustable March Birthstone Aquamarine Bracelet. Aquamarine is the official stone for those born in March, and one is delicately displayed in this bracelet.
  13. Stemless Wine Glass with Metallic Gold Ink.  Help them celebrate their birthday all year long with this stemless wine glass that reads “Queens are Born in March.” A playful gold crown tops off the bold, dramatic statement.
  14. Birthday Pullover Hoodie. This fun black hoodie bears the picture of a sunflower and reads, “March girls are sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.” She will wear it with pride while staying warm until the spring heat arrives.
  15. Bluetooth Beanie Hat. Encourage movement outdoors with the gift of a rechargeable USB beanie. The wireless Bluetooth capability allows connectivity to laptops, tablets, and smart phones. They can listen to music and make calls without lifting a finger.
  16. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set. They’ve never seen a gift set like this one. Crafted by Chef’s Vision, each knife colorfully displays a cosmic scene. Their cooking will be out of this world!
  17. A Sunny Bunch of Daffodils. The most favorite of spring flowers, daffodils are like a peak of sunshine through dark winter clouds. Send them along potted or in a fun bouquet.
  18. Zodiac Mug. Most everyone enjoys learning about their personal astrology, so you can’t go wrong with a Pisces or Aries mug (depending on when their birthday falls in March). 

With so many marvelous options for March birthdays, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true favorites like utilizing their birthstone, flower or zodiac in the mix!