Gaming Laptop vs. Gaming PC: What Are the Differences?

Gaming Laptop vs. Gaming PC: What Are the Differences?

The age-old question of gaming laptop vs. gaming PC: which is better, is one that every gamer needs to face at some point in their life. Of course, both options have benefits and disadvantages, but finding the option that fits your lifestyle is essential before you spend money on a rig.

Keep reading to find out if a gaming laptop or a gaming PC should be your next purchase.

Benefits of a Gaming Laptop

The portability of a laptop is probably the main selling point for most people. Being able to game wherever you are without lugging around a desktop is a big advantage. 

Gaming laptops come with built-in peripherals, making them the perfect plug-and-play device. Gaming laptops have integrated sound, webcams, monitors, keyboards, and mice. While most gamers will still buy mice and headsets to get the best gaming experience, it is not required.

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Disadvantages of a Gaming Laptop

Because laptops are so compact, they are notoriously difficult to upgrade. Some people find it easier to replace their entire laptop instead of trying to upgrade their RAM. When buying a laptop, it’s important to consider which components are inside, as you’ll probably use the same tech until you upgrade your laptop.

Because you probably won’t be able to upgrade your laptop, you’ll need to spend more money to buy a new laptop every few years. Unfortunately, the limited repair and upgrade options are some of the biggest disadvantages laptop users face.

Gamers like big monitors. With a laptop, you’re tied to your laptop screen size unless you use a second monitor, but then you lose out on portability.

Benefits of a Gaming PC

Customization is the main selling point for a gaming PC over a laptop. PC hardware can be swapped out easily so you can piece together your dream gaming rig one component at a time.

Because you can slowly build your PC up, it can end up being more affordable than a laptop since you have time to save up between upgrades, and you’ll almost never have to replace your entire PC.

Disadvantages of a Gaming PC

Portability is the biggest disadvantage PC gamers face. If you want to move your setup, you’ll need to move your entire rig, which can be perilous and tiring.

While customization is a big selling point, the availability of components is a disadvantage. Nvidia’s 30 series GPUs are a prime example of this, a year after its release, it is still scarce.

Gaming Laptop vs. Gaming PC, the Bottom Line

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer when trying to find out if a gaming laptop vs. gaming PC is better, it all comes down to personal preference. Gaming PCs generally offer better performance and can be upgraded, but the portability of a laptop is hard to beat.

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