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Your packages for the design and preparation of training packages Experience in the preparation and design of training packages The development of training packages ready and on demand for your training course training packages We are Your organization for the preparation and design of training packages, designing training packages with luster and professionally, we offer various solutions in the field of preparing packages To achieve great development and success for your training course, adopt training packages, review and approve the complete package in accordance with international standards for the establishment and development of educational curricula, development and restructuring of packages.

The service includes re-designing and preparing the scientific curriculum professionally, re-producing the training packages with activities and exercises in a distinctive and elegant way to make your training course wonderful. Training

training packages are available

and ready for delivery . Training according to the axes, the number of days required, and the target group. For reliable and approved training packages, you can rely on the distinguished and positive points of our organization “Your training packages”. We are also highly creative in training packages, where we can create solutions in the field of designing and preparing training packages These solutions include many services.

What is the cost of services?
The price of the training packages varies according to the number of hours and the duration of the course.

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What does the institution offer? Your training packages.
Foundation is an institution specialized in preparing and developing training packages through a creative team! What does the training packages look like? The training packages is integrated with all the parts of the training packages that the trainer needs during his training session, such as “activities, videos, a trainee’s guide, a trainee’s memo, a profile, a copy of the presentation and the auxiliary files.” Where can I find you? We are currently located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Jeddah Arab Republic of Egypt / Alexandria Lebanon / Beirut Emirates / Dubai.

Made training packages

Your training packages provides a comprehensive set of training materials for trainers who wish to expand their training business. With a rich history of designing training packages, our organization is uniquely and innovatively qualified to bridge the gap between creating training packages of different luster and permanent development of axes that fit all training updates, as well as real solutions required by trainers.