Working principle of a safety valve, parts, and applications

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For industries that are making use of highly pressurized fluids need a way to control the existing pressure in the systems.

Such a sort of safety valve might come in as a safety device that prevents mishaps from occurring.

These valves are used for safely evacuating the highly pressurized gas that is forming unregulated or unnoticed in a chamber or a tank.

How can a breather valve act as a safety device?

An automatic control valve can come to be very handy in those industries that are constantly using highly pressurized fluid substances such as gases and boiling liquids.

A safety valve can be used for preventing any mishap or accident in the industry premises.

Avoiding excess pressure buildup

When you are dealing with highly pressurized gas then you know of the dangers. The safety valves in place are just for preventing any uncontrolled buildup of constant pressure within the vessels, tanks, or pipes.

See, whenever gas is heated or its pressure increases and so does its volume. So if the gas is allowed to expand in such a way that the pressure is constantly rising them this can soon cause rupture or crack or formation of bumps or crevices on the surface of the storage tanks and vessels.

But when you have anautomatic control valve in place you know that it has sensors attached to it that can warn of pressure inside the vessel going past the threshold limits well in advance and steer clear of the impending danger.

The safe evacuation of the excess pressurized gas

Also, a relief valve can help to give an easy outlet for the safe evacuation of pressurized gas. A safe evacuation through an outlet pipe and a nozzle that opens up each time the pressure inside the chamber exceeds the threshold pressure limits gives a safe outlet and evacuation of the gas.

Preventing damage to pipes and chambers

One of the biggest advantages of using an automatic control valve is that you can prevent damage to your pipes, vessels, storage tanks, and chambers.

This is one of the most important benefits. Without the use of the relief valves, there would be little way to control the increasing pressure in the vessels and chambers, and eventually, the excess pressure would cause the pipes and tanks to blast out causing an explosion.

This is a severely dangerous occurrence in the industrial premises as this can lead to various other complications such as causing damage to other machines, devices, and equipment and even injuring the staff and the labor personnel.

Also, sometimes what happens is that this contained highly pressurized gas is a suffocating gas that can cause containment zone not only in the industry but also in the surrounding regions.

What to consider when a sanitary valve?

So now that you have understood how a safety valve can prevent the most catastrophic occurrences on a large scale let’s find out about what you should be considering when buying a relief valve.

The permissible operating limits set in your industry

The first thing is that as an owner of the industry you need to have an idea of the permissible working limits of heat and pressure that you can apply to any gas.

Based on this you will buy the required relief valve. Remember that each valve is made to work within some maximum levels post which it will fail too.

What are the conditions outside?

External conditions can be crucial when evacuating the gas. Certainly, you will have to ensure that the external conditions are safe for the evacuation of the gas. Sometimes some gases may change their properties with rising heat, cold, or humidity which you need to be aware of.

Are there additional safety measures in place?

Sometimes for the safety of the overall systems, there are added security measures put in place apart from anautomatic control valve.

These can be cool water pipes that run right across the entire cross-sectional area of the chamber or the pipe to keep the gas working within the permissible limits.

Standards and certifications require for these valves in your industry

You also need to know what do the industrial guidelines and safety standard norms state about parameters that a relief valve has to have when being used in certain industries.