Working of Amazon FBA business and its perks


Amazon FBA business is one of the most advanced networks in the world. Amazon handles shipping, tracking, picking, storing, refunds or returns and customer support.

How the Amazon FBA works
FBA puts one of the most advanced fulfillment networks which work for you. FBA offers a number of special services that can help you grow your business. FBA services include the powerful inventory management tools.

You sell products to amazon, Amazon stores for you ,the customer purchase it and Amazon ships them directly and handle all the logistics.

Perks of Amazon FBA business
With FBA, one benefit is that not having to worry about storing and shipping out your own inventory. Amazon FBA business wants to make it easy for you to sell on their platform and they do this by handling all the logistics for you to sell on amazon, all you need to do is simply ship your products directly from manufacturer’s warehouse to amazon’s fulfillment centers.

You can only focus on growing your sales.

Mistakes in Amazon FBA

Breaking the Amazon rules
One of the most common mistakes that people doing is breaking the amazon rules .They don’t read their terms of service .if you are not doing things properly, Amazon can end up banning you from the platform and you are not going to sell anymore on amazon at least temporarily and it is going to be a big problem especially if you go out and you buy products and you are planning on selling them on Amazon. But even if you get suspended – you can always get a new Amazon seller’s account. As advised by – you can easily, quickly and affordably buy yourself a new Amazon SellerCentral account.

Low margin products

The next mistake people are making that they end up choosing the products which is selling for less than fifteen dollars. Never sell anything under the price of 10 to 15 dollars and even at 15-dollar range. One of the biggest ones though is that amazon fees and shipping costs and all these different type of fees that are associated with amazon ,it really will eat  into your profit margins and if you are selling the item for 10 dollars ,you are going to have amazon fees ,you are going to have all kinds of different  problems associated with that returns and you can  end up having profit margins of like 25 cents on an item .

Unprofessional images
The other mistake people do is that they don’t use quality images in their listing which is the first thing that people look at, rather than words. You put some text on the actual photo as well with some little bullet points or some ways to describe the products and why people might buy your product. 

Wrong timing
The mistake that people making is looking at the products at a wrong time and then getting the wrong perception of how much you can actually sell the products for.
There is a good and bad time to luck at them if you are looking prices of product the week before Christmas  when everybody scrambling to try to order things for their family members ,prices can be inflated then so, you want to be careful .