WordPress SEO Tactics to Consider For Your eCommerce Store


Succeeding in eCommerce is no small feat, no matter what platform you are on. In recent years, WordPress has evolved significantly and with help from WooCommerce, you can truly put together a professional and streamlined shopping experience with this platform that meets the needs of your customers.

However, you still have to think about your WordPress SEO, which will play a large role in whether or not shoppers will even be able to find your website at all. Without the proper optimizations in place and without the help of a full-scale digital marketing strategy, you’re unlikely to find the kind of success you are looking for.

Below you will find a few useful tips for improving your WordPress store so that you can begin to climb the SERPs and become a noticeable force in your industry.

Optimize Your Category Pages One important area of your website that many store owners ignore is the category pages. Despite how important these areas of your site are for providing context for your store and increasing your authority, category and collection pages across the web are often left without a drop of useful information on them. Just a bunch of products.

What do you think Google sees when it crawls these pages? Not much, if that’s what you’re wondering. Without optimized copy or any other kind of SEO work, your collection pages are essentially doing nothing for you. Sure, they are necessary for helping users find what they are looking for, but even here these pages could be falling short. By adding keyword optimized content to these pages, you stand a much greater chance of actually meeting user needs and helping shoppers find what they are looking for quicker.

This influences the user experience, which is becoming a key component of any successful eCommerce SEO campaign, whether it’s implemented for a WordPress store or anywhere else.

Rethink Your Meta Titles Are you optimizing your meta titles? These are important aspects of any web page that provide context for users browsing in search engines. After all, the meta title is what Google will display when your website appears in the search results pages. You don’t want weak copy here, or copy that is not properly optimized through the lens of a sophisticated WordPress SEO strategy.

Make Sure You Stay On Top of Your Blog Another crucial area that you likely need to address is your blog. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a blogger, you still need to maintain one on your website for several reasons.

First of all, blogs are the perfect solution to address Google’s hunger for fresh content. They have made it very clear that websites lacking regular updates and contents will not rank as well as they could be otherwise. Google wants to see that your website is updated, relevant, and full of useful information that users actually want to read.

A blog may not be simple to manage, but it is essential if you want to give users something of value for free that will engender them to your brand and hopefully get them to linger on your site that much longer. This can have a positive impact on the health of your WordPress site.

If implementing these WordPress SEO tactics seems a bit too much for you to handle on your own, it’s worth investing in a dependable eCommerce agency that specializes in digital marketing. Genius eCommerce® is the SEO company you want helping you with your marketing needs. They are veterans when it comes to getting stores to rank higher on Google, so if you want a real solution that will strengthen your business, contact their team today.

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