Creative Window Treatments for an Exotic Décor

window treatments

When decorating any space, window treatments are a must. Windows dressings are often known as fashionable accessories but they also have a functional value like adjusting light and providing privacy. Therefore, before selecting a window dressing, one should evaluate how it fits within their own space. Since a window covering can enhance a room’s décor, one should research innovative ideas before selecting the final one. There are traditional options like curtains to innovative ones that add an architectural element and operable window dressings like blinds and shades.

Architectural Pieces Serving as Window Treatments

Want to have a less conventional window covering? Hang an architectural piece in front or above the window. This can block some amount of light while offering privacy, and is destined to make a statement. Moreover, this is an interesting decoration style for windows that stands out from the traditional dressings. Here are some ideas to experiment with:

  • Adding an arch relic over the bedroom windows will definitely make the room gorgeous.
  • Installing a carved wall décor over the window together with curtains adds a special architectural design. It adds height as well as detailing to a space. One can also use the same carved decoration piece in the window corners. Both of these window treatments work wonderfully.
  • Riverboat wooden trim looks very ornamental in any room – be it dining or kitchen. When used in kitchens, it gives a gorgeous finish to the windows and in the dining room, it is like icing on the cake. This designer trim seems to steal the show in any setup.
  • Thinking of what to do with a large window frame? Two windows side by side make a large frame which becomes difficult to cover with hanging drapes. Arched wooden church windows offer a creative solution. It looks just against the windows and gives a proper finishing touch to the space.

Wreaths and Greenery

Adorning the windows with wreaths or greenery instead of other window treatments is a comparatively less common window décor approach. This can mean hanging one or more wreaths in front of the windows or putting a garland around its frame. Either of these approaches softens a space without having blinds or curtains.