Why You Should Invest On Salon Quality Shampoos Rather Than Store-Bought Products


The idea of using salon-quality hair products might sound expensive, but is there a difference between salon-quality and supermarket-quality products? Yes, there for sure is. Your hairs’ color, texture, and condition can all be improved by using salon quality shampoo. Continue reading to learn more about this truth in great detail.

A Little Goes A Long Way
Keeping your hairs’ integrity and preserving its color can’t be achieved in a single salon appointment. If you want to get the same salon look at home, you need to wash and style your hair properly before your next session. The compounds found in salon-quality shampoos can still be found in drugstore shampoos, although they are only present in very small quantities. To put it another way, a little goes a long way when it comes to using professional products since they include larger concentrations of the essential components. So, you get more of the wonderful things, plus you get more uses out of each bottle!

You Get What You Pay For
Drugstore and grocery store goods have a lot going for them. They’re convenient and inexpensive. In addition to their low price, they’re easy to find, available in a wide range of varieties, and have a scrumptious assortment of scents. Have you ever wondered why the price difference between salon and drugstore items is so large? This is because the drugstore brands are diluted, you don’t receive the full benefit of salon products, even though they contain some identical components.

You could wonder, what’s in the diluted items? Water and chemicals are the most common ingredients. These substances are completely ineffective when it comes to hair health and wellness. Instead, they may be harming your hair in the process. Many of us have heard of the chemical compound known as sulfates. Your shampoo lathers up and produces suds because of this, which makes us feel like we’ve had a thorough clean. Sulfates, on the other hand, have the unfortunate effect of removing color and leaving hair extremely dry.

Gently Cleanses Your Hair
In addition to chemicals that can rob your hair of its natural oils, drugstore shampoos contain fillers that create a waxy layer on your hair. Your hair seems nice and shiny, but it isn’t being fed from the inside out! While certain supermarket brands may leave your hair feeling amazing, soft, and smooth, they aren’t doing so for the appropriate reasons. They incorporate other compounds that replicate the sensation of healthy hair to counterbalance the harshness of the aggressive components.

For the most part, professional shampoos contain softer surfactants (cleansers) and are pH-balanced, which means that they will gently cleanse your hair, preserve your skin’s normal ph level, allow your color to last, and keep your hair and scalp in top-notch condition. Using alkaline (rather than ph balanced) grocery shampoos, the scalp’s natural, acid layer is peeled away, causing germs to accumulate and irritation to develop.

As with what you put in your body, the products you use on your hair are no different. When you put in good work, you’ll receive good results. We recommend La Espanola Beauty Supply’s products for the finest results. To witness a noticeable difference in your hair over time, apply salon quality shampoo regularly.

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