Why you should go to Thailand on your honeymoon 


There are many reasons why you should consider going to Thailand on your honeymoon vacation. The Country is so beautiful and the Prices are very convenient compared to the level of services provided and the experiences you get. In this article we will be explaining the reasons why you should go to Thailand for your honeymoon vacation. 

Beautiful Destinations

Thailand has many destinations that you can visit. If you are a Person interested in beach holidays or island hopping, then Thailand will definitely be the perfect choice for you. Thailand has more than 4000 islands all around the country located either in the Andaman Sea from the western side of the country or in the Gulf of Thailand from the eastern side of the country. You can combine your stay between several islands in the south of Thailand as it’s easy to move from one to another by ferry boats or by flying if necessary. Koh Samui, Phuket and Krabi are the best beach destinations that you should consider visiting when you are in Thailand.

Other than the islands, you can still enjoy the beauty of the country while being on the mainland. You can visit some of Thailand’s national parks and explore the nature of the rainforests rich with plants and wildlife animals. Among the best National parks that you can visit during your honeymoon to Thailand are Khao Yai National Park and Erawan National park. Both of these 2 national parks are easy to reach from Bangkok. You can drive for a couple of hours and reach any of them. 

You can also Stay in the Capital Bangkok and have so much fun as there are many activities and things to do that this city has to offer. From Exploring the Amazing Temples and Palaces, to visiting Local villages and cooking class to get in touch with the local Thai culture.

Great Hospitality

Hospitality in Thailand is considered as one of the best Hospitality worldwide. Hoteliers and all the staff working in the tourism industry are service minded and know how to treat and satisfy the customers. When you stay in a proper hotel in Thailand, you will feel that you are really welcomed, and that every member of the hotel team is happy to serve you. 

All of these vibes make Thailand a Perfect destination for honeymoon vacations.

Luxury Experiences

If you are looking for a Luxury Trip, then a Thailand Honeymoon will be a perfect choice for you. Thailand has a lot of luxury Experiences that you can explore during your trip with your partner. You can dine in some of the best awarded restaurants worldwide with stunning views and exceptional food and service provided, Stay in luxury hotels in unique locations that you cannot find somewhere else, treat yourself in a premium Wellness center or Spa, and many more. 

There are Specific destinations in Thailand that are popular for Luxury honeymoons, these destinations are Koh Samui, Koh Yao Noi, and Koh Kood. You can find ultra luxurious resorts located in these 3 islands where the richest people from around the world choose as their favorite holiday destinations.