Why You Need to Stock Up on Shipping Supplies for Your Small Business


Running out of shipping supplies can bring any small business to a grinding halt. You could have orders flying in and products ready to go, but without shipping materials, you can’t get them out the door safely and securely! Even if you never had any issues before, you may in the future. So, why wait for trouble when you can get ahead now? Still not convinced? Keep reading for more reasons you need to stock up on shipping supplies.

You Can Handle Spikes in Sales or Large Orders

Every small business owner’s dream is the day there is a spike in order. It validates your business and all the effort you put in. With shipping supplies available, you can get those orders out as quickly as possible, which has a twofold effect.

Firstly, it strengthens your customer base. Nothing makes a customer happier than an order that arrives early. A good experience increases the likelihood of a repeat order.

Secondly, you will be spared the last-minute panic and anxiety of running around searching and ordering. It’s the last thing you need when a big order comes in and will cause delays.

Also, if you run out of supplies and are forced to switch alternatives in the middle of an order, it creates inconsistency. This harms the professionalism of your business and makes it obvious to the customer that you cannot handle their order requirements.

So, the rule of thumb: have at least 10% more shipping supplies than you need. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

You Can Cut Down Shipping Supply Costs

Investing in shipping supplies beforehand brings down costs in the long run. With the extra time available, you can determine exactly how you want to ship your orders and research the market for the best options. For example, poly mailers may be more cost-effective than boxes for smaller semi-fragile items. Not only do you save money, but you also save valuable storage space.

By stocking up early, you can buy in bulk. This is economical for you and the packaging store you are buying from. Since your high-volume order saves them money, they can pass it over to you, and you spend less when compared to smaller, lower-volume orders. Also, stocking ahead gives you the luxury of waiting for sales on shipping supplies, bringing your costs down even more.

Your Packaging Can Add Value to Your Brand

The packaging your orders are sent in affects the value of your small business. Everything from boxes and the tape to the packaging protection and labels say something about your brand, making them opportunities to add value.

Are you looking to improve your sustainability and reduce your environmental impact? Recyclable shipping supplies can help you reach that goal. Do you want to elevate your brand? Focus on quality supplies.

You create uniform packaging when you stock up on shipping supplies. It may seem like a subtle effort, but it carries forward and builds up through all your orders. These measures translate to your customers, improving their experience as well.

Wrapping UpShipping supplies on hand can save you a ton of future headaches and even increase customer retention. It’s a simple step that has a huge impact down the road for your small business, so make the most of the time you have and stock up!