Why Urgent Care Billing is The Best Decision for Your Practice?

urgent care billing

With the change in healthcare, the urgent care market today has an explosive growth for their popularity and ability to provide the needed services for healthcare quickly and efficiently. In fact, the wait time of urgent care service is only 30 min or even less. The market which was 1.725 % in 2007 went up and is expected to hit $ 26 billion by 2023.

Even the business has a great future, however the urgent care services trend to loses out a huge amount of money if a practice has improper billing and coding process. It does not end here; unclear guidelines about the scope of urgent care further are also the reason for multiple errors in your urgent care billing.

This is why today most of the operational extensions hire outsourcing RCM to regulate their billing and coding process for better collection and efficiency.

Benefits of outsourcing your urgent care billing process –

  • Reduced your expenses – urgent care involves higher operating costs than a primary care with a greater capital and high investment. To main a profitable operation, outsourcing is always the better option. This is because not only it eliminates the extra billers and coder’s training fee, but also eliminates charges like their wages, employee perks etc.

In fact, further reducing your operational cost by an 80 % reduction Sunknowledge Services Inc is an operational extension that helps in saving a lot of time as well as resources.

  • More productivity – as urgent care requires consistent assistance and a dedicated account manager to take care of its billing and collection process, working with in-house staff becomes unmanageable at times. This is why outsourcing not only helps in maintaining a better billing operation but giving a detailed report keep you up to date as well like Sunknowledge Services Inc.

Taking your complete responsibility for the complex urgent care billing, our experts today guarantees a better billing approach and return of investment with an accuracy level of 99.9 % following a complete HIPAA compliance and regulations.

In fact today we are one of the leading urgent care billing solutions catering to more than 100s of clients in the urgent care domain with impeccable assistance and seamless billing transactions. So call us right now for a better urgent care billing assistance and a enhanced billing approach.