Why Tourists Love the Foodie Areas in Lahore?

Foodie Areas in Lahore

Food is loved all over the world, but certain cities and countries are known for their cuisine. These places are known as foodie destinations. Tourism in these cities is based on the fact that people want to sample the food offered in these places. Here I want to highlight why tourists love these foodie areas in Lahore. Book cheap flights from Manchester to Lahore to have a taste of these places.

Why Are Tourists into Foodie Areas?

Well, there are many reasons why people love foodie areas in Lahore. Some areas have foodie options but provide limited entertainment capabilities. On the other hand, there are others that provide comprehensive entertainment along with mouth-watering food. Here are some of the biggest reasons why tourists are attracted to foodie areas.

Foodie Phenomenon

Although Lahoris are quite a foodie lot, they aren’t too conscious about the best food places in Lahore. They just know which eatery serves their favourite food the best.

Lahore is a food lover’s paradise with its mouth-watering cuisines and restaurants. But what makes it especially fun for foodies in the historic and cultural city is the foodie phenomena that make their visits memorable. An interesting mix of unusual food items makes it irresistible for tourists to visit Lahore and then post pictures of their findings on social media.

The fastidious foodie culture has evolved to a point where people love to visit restaurants, sample mouthwatering culinary delights and boast about it afterwards.

In the past few years, Lahore has seen a new wave of food joints open up catering to the taste of the increasingly discerning palate of Lahoris. The city possesses everything from quick bite joints, café culture, fine dining and ethnic cuisine. All you need is a strong sense of adventure and an empty stomach.

Old Lahore Traditional Food

Lahore is a city that is full of rich culture and vibrant food hubs, which attracts people from all over towards it. Not only Lahoris alone, but people from different corners of the country also come here just to get their hands on the delectable food offered by the city.

Somehow, the older parts of Lahore are so full of life. They may have changed physically, but their spirit is unchanged. If you want to get a feel of the old Lahore, go to Mughalpura or Chowk Yateem Khana.

Old Lahore had been known as the food fountain for centuries and after the partition of the sub-continent, Lahore inherited delicious food. The delicious food has travelled from here to all over the world. Haveli restaurant is one such area that is well known in Lahore for its delectable dishes in old Lahore.

A Variety of Exclusives

Foodie areas in Lahore include Wazir Khan, Anarkali and Mozang. These areas are popular for their traditional food. Lahori cuisine is largely influenced by the Mughlai food of the Indian subcontinent, and it features rich curries with fresh bread made out of refined flour. Must-try dishes include Biryani which is probably the most famous dish in Old Lahore with Haleem and Nihari.

Haleem is a stew of wheat, meat, and lentils cooked overnight until it becomes very thick. It is traditionally eaten with a kulcha. Lahori people usually eat Haleem early in the morning to have enough energy throughout the day. The other dishes are Nihari and fried or roasted chicken and sajji.

Bottom Line

There are so many cultures living in Lahore that help in delivering all types of cuisines, and Lahore is a connoisseur’s delight when it comes to cuisine. These days Lahore is best known for its foodie scene.

You would not be blamed if you think that only a few parts of Lahore are still safe for living, tourists and foreigners. But when it comes to food, this old city has a lot more to offer apart from the usual kebab and tikka dishes.