Why Shop for Baby Crib and Changing Table Set?


Baby care means more space for a lot of stuff. Make the most of every corner in your nursery with a baby crib and changing table set. These types of beds are conveniently designed with a changing table attached to the side for easy diaper change during naptime or bedtime. They are not only convenient, but they often take up less space than going for these three separate pieces of baby nursery furniture.

A convertible baby crib and changing table set is a highly functional piece of baby furniture. It is a storage unit and a changer at once that may convert into a nightstand.

Convertible Crib Options
There are 4-in-1 options for baby crib and changing table set which typically grows with the child into a young adult. The crib converts to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed for your teenager. They are the ultimate investment that could last for years. However, some of these combos require conversion kits that are sold separately. It is also recommended that you try to purchase all conversion kits for future use within a year of purchasing the crib. If you wait longer than that, there’s a chance the items will be discontinued and you won’t be able to convert the bed once your baby grows out of it.

Convertibility is a convenient feature of any furniture, especially for a crib. Whether it is a crib with an under storage, a crib with a changing table, a portable mini crib, or even just a mini crib, if it is also convertible, it has more value than any other piece of furniture.

Changing Table
Combo cribs have smaller changing tables than regular separate pieces of furniture. But they still serve their purpose and you can convert them to a nightstand once your baby grows out of the need to get regular diaper change anyway.

The designs of the changer differ on the combo models but the surface of the changing station is pretty much the same except when there is a relative difference according to the combination of drawers and shelves under the changer. Some have a single drawer and the rest would be just open shelves, some have all three drawers while others are a combination of both.

Shopping Ideas
Convenience and storage are two of the main things that are on your mind when shopping for a baby crib with changing table set. However, there still are things that you need to consider when purchasing these items and make sure you meet all of them so frustration won’t get the best of you once the item arrives at your doorstep. First of all, this is a large piece of furniture, are you able to assemble this on your own? It would be easier if the store provides a free assemble service but it’s highly likely that you either pay for the service or you learn to do it yourself.

Whichever one you want for your baby, make sure your choice meets all the current safety guidelines. It is also recommended that you visit the store from where you want to purchase the furniture to test out different functions. When you do a diaper change, you don’t want to wake your sleeping baby from the opening and closing sound of the drawers. You’ll also want to see personally if the drawers work, it could be really frustrating when the item arrives and those things don’t work like they’re supposed to.

Since 2011, convertible crib with changing table combos don’t have a drop-side anymore, so it’s highly likely that the one you’ll like meet all the required safety standards. Still, there’s no harm in making sure. You’ll also have to keep in mind to choose one that is lead and phthalate safe, and finished in a non-toxic multi-step painting process.

4-in-1 baby cribs with attached changing stations save space and time while offering convenience. Make smart shopping choices. Check out Kids ‘N Cribs to find baby gear that makes your life easier.

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